LeShane Greenhill


Leshsane Greenhill is a Nashville native and founder of Sagents Partners and The Entrepreneur Center’s Code2040 EIR for this year. His mission to connect minority entrepreneurs to better resources and small business certification is clear. 

Tell us a little about your business::

Sagents Partners purpose is to increase the number of certified small businesses and measure economic impact.

How did you get started::

There is a lot to that story. I have had many failed attempts at starting businesses. I am where I am today by trial and error. I got started by stepping out of my comfort zone, asking for guidance, and not being afraid to fail.

Our community loves living local, what makes your local business different::

While we are based in Nashville, we are not considered a local business. By nature of what we do, we are a globally distributed business.

Quote and/or Scripture you live by::

Value your time and utilize your network!

In Nashville we love to brunch, happy hour or coffee/tea it up. What do you prefer and why::

Early Tea – Its during the day when my brain works best.



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