A Welcome Look Inside: Slim & Husky’s Antioch

Clint, Derrick and Emmanuel, best friends and the owners of Slim + Husky’s are at it again serving up pizza at their new Antioch location. Housed in the old Applebees building inside the Hickory Hall Mall grounds. The homage to black culture, cinema and local art is so live and unapologetic.


Meet Tonya + The Post, An East Nashville Coffee Shop

“Neither of us have a background in culinary arts, hospitality, or tourism, so we had no idea what we were doing. We both knew it would take a lot of time and planning to get the business off the ground, so we dug our heels in and committed to the challenge.”


A Foodie Lovin’ Publicist’s Guide To Nashville

Book publicist (T.D. Jakes is one of her clients, wowzers!:), foodie, creator of Laini’s Cultural Connections and all around bright ray of sunshine in the city. We thought what better way to kick off our new city guiding series than with this Music City sweetheart.