A Look Back: OZ Arts presents Yeli Ensemble

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Photos: Tiffany Bessire

The legend of Timbuktu enriched every soul in OZ Arts with a spiritual rhythm more powerful than gold. Remarkably, The Yeli Ensemble created a night that plucked the ancestral instrument in all of us. The magical percussion of music, chanting storytelling, and invigorating dancing captured hearts that evening. Just like the little children in front of the stage, The Yeli Ensemble performance left you smiling and rocking side-to-side to the bass of the healing drum. The flow from scene to scene naturally compassed your body into traditional West Africa. The village renditions of musical dance were raw and glorious. Timbuktu is inside all of us: our hearts, our bodies, and minds. Windship Boyd, the leader of this creative collaboration, wants us to tap into it.

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