Winter Skin Tips to Stay Glowing with Dr. Aleta Simmons

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Dr. Aleta Simmons is the only Black dermatologist in Nashville and the owner of Simmons Skin Center. She shares some of her tips to combat the uncertainty of this Nashville winter season. If your skin is experiencing the effects of the dry winter air, these three tips will help you get your glow back.


There is nothing like a hot shower in the winter. Unfortunately, the temporary soothing we feel from the hot water leads to drier skin. Turning down the temp and keeping showers short is the first step to more moisturized skin. After bathing, pat dry and leave some water on your skin. Apply a cream or ointment-based moisturizer right away. Keeping some water on your skin will allow the moisturizer to lock in or seal the water onto the skin leaving you feeling softer.


If you still find your skin feeling rough, you may need to gently exfoliate with a moisturizer containing lactic acid. This is especially helpful for the lower legs and feet. Putting on cotton socks and pajamas afterward will keep you feeling moisturized. You may even opt for a spa session to include exfoliating body or facial treatments. Try out the Blue Sage Spa in Smyrna, TN for their Blue Sage Journey, Day of Bliss, or Complete Exfoliation package to kickstart your healthy winter skin journey.


We must protect our skin from harsh temperature changes in and outside of the home. Just like we lowered the temperature of the water with bathing, lowering the temperature inside the home helps prevent drying out the skin. Using a humidifier also aids in adding moisture to the air and skin. Protect your hands and face from the cold air outside with gloves, cream-based moisturizers, and sunscreen. Yes, sunscreen! The sun’s UV rays can still affect our skin in the winter. Another tip is to switch your facial products to those for dry skin if needed. Our skin needs may change from season to season and switching your products may work wonders.

If you struggle with dry winter skin and are not sure which steps to take, please see your board-certified dermatologist for specific recommendations and a treatment plan.

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