Waterfalls and Lakes You Should Visit in Tennessee

I know the iconic group TLC warned us about chasing those waterfalls but these falls are most definitely worth the chase. Here we have a couple of waterfalls and a lake we think you should consider adding to your bucket list. So get out of the house and see the amazing sites of water that Tennessee has to offer. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Percy Priest Lake 

This stunningly magnificent lake offers a plethora of fun recreational activities and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. The lake is about 42 miles long and home to many different species of fish. Fishing is popular amongst those who visit the lake with species like largemouth bass, striped bass, white bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. Not only is the lake a great site for fishing, but visitors can also partake in things like swimming, boating, wildlife watching, camping and so much more. This is a wonderful outdoor experience you would definitely want to add to the bucket list. 

3737 Bell Road, Nashville, TN 37214

Cummins Falls 

Cummins Falls is Tennessee’s eighth largest waterfall in the volume of water and is 75 feet high. It is definitely something you would want to witness for yourself, but accessing the waterfall and gorge which is at the base of the waterfall is not easy. The location is a natural state so it is rugged, has stream crossings, and deep pools but if you are up to the challenge it is sure to be a great hike. The Falls offer an overlook view that is the most accessible in the park.

390 Cummins Falls Ln, Cookeville, TN 38501

Machine Falls 

The trail to access the astonishing waterfall is short. You will have to make a slight detour off the trail and up the creek to get to the fall. It is an exciting family-friendly activity. Machine Falls is one of the several trails and waterfalls that the “Shorts Spring Natural” area has to offer. You will most definitely want to bring your family out for some outdoor fun. 

Machine Falls Loop Trail, Tullahoma, TN 37388

Radnor Lake 

This lake is home to some of the most abundant wildlife, which makes it great for wildlife watching. It also has great view opportunities with a gorgeous sunset you’re sure to love. Radnor Lake is about 1,368-acres  and is protected as a Class II Natural Area. This is a wonderful spot for hiking and photography. You will definitely need to get out and tap into this amazing experience and we suggest The Lake Trail as a must to check out.

1160 Otter Creek Rd, Nashville, TN 37220 

Falls Creek Falls

“Falls Creek State Park” is one of Tennessee’s largest and most visited parks in Tennessee. It is about 29,800 acres. Filled with lots of gorges, plateaus, and the Falls Creek fall. Falls Creek fall is one of the tallest falls in the eastern United States and is 256 feet. This is most definitely a sight to see. 

2009 Village Camp Rd, Pikeville, TN 37367

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