Vege-licious: Turning Your Favorite Homecooked Meals Vegan


Meet Ms. Bettina Thomas, a New Jersey native, mother of 1, grandparent of 2, and owner of Vege-licious. She had the desire to slow things down after raising her son. As a child, she had asthma, and After altering her diet to something more conscious, it went away as she grew older. She gives credit to the vegan conscious decisions she made to try to fix it. She found the answer: there are certain things she puts in her body and her diet that lead to the outcome of various health issues. A great way to check yourself and how you feel is to eliminate certain things to see if it hurts or helps you.

She grew up in a household that supported a vegetarian lifestyle, however, her mom only made deviations of a few items for dinner. “My mom never taught me how to cook, she cooked the same things so I wanted to switch it up myself.” She aspired to teach herself with trial and error. In college, she began experimenting in the dorm kitchen with various foods and started substituting items for vegan-friendly options to see how her body would react. She felt so much better after eating cleaner and more consciously compared to the college lifestyle of eating whatever, whenever. She comes from a cooking family, but each member brought their own skills to the table. “A lot of my family members can cook, but only because we weren’t afraid of failing in the kitchen.” She’s an advocate for trying things and not leaving rocks unturned. 

Bettina’s favorite meal she turned vegan? 

“I used to LOVE lasagna with ricotta cheese! Oh, and CAKE!” Her favorite things are now enjoyable for her again after turning them vegan. At Vege-Licious, you can enjoy her take on lasagna with ricotta and various cakes like carrot cake or strawberry.

Vege-licious Owner, Bettina Thomas in her restaurant

If Vegelicious were to run for President, what would be the slogan?

When I asked her, “what would the slogan be for this restaurant if it were to run for president?“ She said, “Eat to live!” Expanding on that quote and the slogan, to Bettina “eating to live” is much more important than living to eat. We wake up every day to fuel our bodies, whether it may be spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc. The most important thing we need to do is know our body very well so we can fuel it properly. Eating to live insinuates that it is intertwined and integrated with our daily life instead of living on every day to just eat. Eating should come with a purpose.

The Soul Food Plate
Strawberry Cake + Carrot Cake

What’s the future for Vege-licious?

Vege-licious is in the works on their second location in the Antioch area. Vege-licious transforms the southern comfort food that you know and love into a yummy vegan twist that you wouldn’t expect. People love this place! “We grew faster than expected, and that’s ok!” She’s patient with the growth and making sure she grows efficiently, so be on the lookout for location number 2 very soon! 

To be a vegan? To go vegetarian? To be pescatarian? It depends on the person! There is no right or wrong with what you choose. Just remember, that it takes an inward look to what your body needs and to fulfill those demands to be properly nourished. We are all made differently, each composition has needs that can vary from the next person.  We must analyze ourselves and understand those personal needs before we make any judgment on someone else’s.

Vege-licious exterior

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