Top Cheap Flights to take out of Nashville

Trying to go on a vacation before the end of the year? We checked out the most affordable flights out of Nashville to get you in a traveling state of mind!


Head to the Pacific Northwest for the perfect juxtaposition of urban life and nature. See the beautiful pine trees and pacific ocean waters or visit the first Starrbucks.

Flight Duration: 8 hrs

Current Flight Price Average: $187


Head to the “Mile High City” for amazing mountain views, outdoorsy vibes, and all the comforts of a cool city.

Flight Duration: 3 hrs

Flights Starting at: $78

Joshua Tree National Park

Live it up in the dessert where the Colorado and Mohave meet. See the Yucca trees, go camping, or get an air bnb with a pool and amazing view.

Flight Duration: 3 hrs

Flights Starting at: $146


Ready to do some international traveling? Head to the capital of England and explore history and art dating back to Roman times.

Flight Duration: 8+ hrs

Flights Starting at: $601


Lisbon is a hilly and coastal city in Portugal with beautiful architecture to enjoy and ocean views to take in.

Flight Duration: 10+ hrs

Flights Starting at: $622

San Juan

Puerto Ricos capital city is home to sprawling beaches, Spanish colonial architecture, and night life.

Flight Duration: 4+ hrs

Flights Starting at: $146

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