Get into the Glow at the Pink Room

Maria Hite, owner of The Pink Room

Maria Hite, originally from Louisville, KY is the studio owner and Aesthetician at The Pink Room. She is using her passion and 10 years of experience to provide corrective skincare treatments to people of every skin color in Nashville.

The Inspiration

Maria’s vision for her Aesthetics Boutique started because of the gaps that she witnessed and the disappointments she encountered in traditional skincare settings. With a vow to never turn someone away for any skin condition. ” I knew that when I opened that I wanted to make it to where it was inclusive for all skin tones because I had been in environments where I worked, places where it was like, well we don’t have any options to help you with that. I’m so sorry. And I didn’t want to say that to anyone else ever again,” she explained. In order to maintain a high level of Maria tests every product and treatment that she uses on Black skin. “It’s close to my heart to work on black skin. I really wanted it to be a safe space for all people, but especially black people to come and get corrective skincare that is safe for our skin”, she says.


To set The Pink Room apart from other clinical skin care settings, Maria has created a whole experience and environment that is inviting and warm. “That’s probably the number one feedback that I get, is like, this was an experience. This wasn’t just a facial, this was an experience,” Marie explained. Another thing that sets the Pink Room apart is the focus on correction education. Maria wants her clients to be able to take the experience and the expertise of the aestheticians and then make it their own. “I want my clients to understand. I don’t want them just to use something cause I say to use it. I want there to be a sense of ownership.”

Maria’s passion and experience in corrective skincare for all skin tones makes the Pink Room a safe haven for skin care in Nashville. The Pink Room offers Acne treatment, Chemical peels, Facial Waxing, Hydra Facial, Pigment Correction, Back treatment, and more. Make sure you book a treatment and get educated and pampered by some of the most amazing aestheticians in Nashville!


Photography: Elle Danielle


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