A Grab + Go Spot Serving Guyanese Cuisine With Family Vibes


The Pepper Pott is a grab + go spot created by a Guyanese born Mom and her two sons. Karen, Isiah and Warren Thomas are probably one of the coolest families serving up great food here in Nashville. Karen’s fun-loving spirit is immediate once you enter the kitchen to grab your food. Their food is in a category all by itself as it is truly on-point. Authentic jerk chicken, rice and beans, oxtails and they have this cabbage dish that is amazing. They also handcraft a Caribbean drink called Sorrel, made with hibiscus that is the absolute truth.

A Pepperpott is actually a very popular Guyanese dish derived from Amerindians and normally served during Christmas or special events. Located in South America, Guyana is actually considered to be part of the Caribbean and as Karen shared “I grew up seeing my grandmother and Mom cooking on the island so cooking Caribbean food was in my blood.” Learn more about The Pepper Pott and why this Caribbean cuisine is a definite must to try in Nashville.



What inspired you to start your food concept?

Since ending our food truck endeavor in 2016, we strategically planned and saved funds to get to this point in 2020. We reopened with COVID-19 in mind; Contactless, Simple, & Flavorful transactions without compromising the quality of our limited weekend menu. This time around we plan to grow with previous clientele and new patrons to methodically build a strong business around our family morals.

How has your journey been starting a business in Nashville? Why Nashville?

We started cooking from our home for friends and family about 10 years ago. Transitioning from humble beginnings allowed us the opportunity to make mistakes and understand our clientele better. Since the initial concept of our business model, there have been great developments in pick-up/delivery services, website optimizations, and social media for business use. This time around it feels right. We’re happy doing what we love and creating quality meals.

As Isiah shared, “It is such a special feeling, that is hard to describe as we get to interact in a professional environment but still have our personalities shine through” and he goes on to share “The great thing about it is everything we do, the food, the work is an expression of who we are.”

The great thing about it is everything we do, the food, the cooking is an expression of who we are.

Nashville is our home away from home of sorts. My children spent most of their childhood years in East Nashville. Since we moved here in 1997, there has been a growing interest in Caribbean culture. Our dishes were always well-received when entertaining friends or special events. The goal is to give back to this great city by introducing the food that makes our hearts smile.

As an international food concept, what do you hope patrons walk away with when they experience your food?

We offer a combination of fresh & natural ingredients, paired with generations of traditional recipes. If there is anything, we can assure that the Pride of Guyanese Culture is featured in every dish. We want them to walk away feeling like they received a piece of Guyana culture.


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