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I’m not a Nashville native, but I am a Tennessee Native.¬† There’s something to be said about that.¬† I’m from Jackson, went to college in Memphis and now living in Nashville.¬† I’ve had a pretty good sweep of Tennessee and understand all that has to offer from its beautiful landscape to musical legacy to its historic triumphs.¬†¬†

Sunday in the South.¬† I tend to post this on my social media quite a bit using the appropriate picture: fresh flowers that I’ve just bought from the grocery store or a quote I’m choosing to meticulously meditate on.¬† It just describes a mood that I embrace as soon as I wake up and waltz around the house getting ready for a reawakening sermon at Crosspoint Church.¬† Truthfully, I used to dread Sunday’s growing up.¬† They were so routine and mundane with church, then a nap and/or homework until midnight and then back to school.¬† Now, I try to savor each moment of the day with all of my favorite people, places, and things. ¬†

From the parking lot to the pews, Crosspoint Church has an inviting spirit.¬† Volunteer members often run a multitude of operations that make the whole production happen.¬† It’s really beautiful that not only are they working for free, but they’re chipper about helping you find parking or driving you to the front door in a golf cart.¬† It’s inspiring and reminds you just how blessed we are.¬† It assures that there are good people in the world.¬† I love starting Sunday’s here. ¬†

After service, I’ll venture over to South on Demonbreun for a hot biscuit, sausage, and southern fried eggs.¬† As good music fills the atmosphere with vibes, I could sit there all day and simply relax.¬† It’s a nice transition from a night out on the town too.¬† The portions are large and your soul is fed! ¬†

My next favorite place is Tempered Cafe and Chocolate.¬† If you are obsessed with French or English culture as much as I am, you’d fully get in character in this place.¬† Recently, I sat down with the owner to better understand why this place revives people, and I’ll just tell you, it’s not the caffeine’s fault.¬† For starter’s it’s a family owned business that is run by Staci Bockman, her husband, mom, and sister.¬† They’re originally from Chicago.¬† When they got here, they loved it but were missing home.¬† They decided to bring Chicago here by opening 312 Pizza Company and then, Tempered.¬† Venturing into small businesses is something that I love to do.¬† I never have regrets of the people I meet or the experiences.¬† Again, they inspire me with their uniqueness and drive.¬†

All while I am out on the town, I’ve got everything at home taken care of.¬† Please Assist Me, a local concierge company will come and do everything you need them to do from washing your clothes to grocery shopping to running your errands.¬† Call it vain, but sometimes you just need a break to enjoy ‚ÄúSunday in the South.‚Ä̬† After all, you have to go back to work starting Monday Morning.¬† Most importantly, it’s affordable.¬† The founder, Stephanie Cummings was working a full-time job, traveling all the time and decided she just couldn‚Äôt do it.¬† Thereof, she walked out of her Corporate job and started a business to help people juggle their many hats of work and home. Her bravery and astuteness is one to admire.¬†

Lastly, I love to visit a local nail salon to top off my relaxation.¬† It’s called the Noire Nail Bar.¬† On Sunday’s my mom would always make sure we had everything laid out for the week.¬† So, it’s only necessary that I continue this pastime.¬† Ha!¬† Going to this nail bar is the most serene experience I’ve ever had at a nail salon.¬† It is clean and uses all natural products and processes to ensure that you are receiving the best quality.¬† There is no crude around the counter edges or pedicure bowls here.¬† It is beautifully decorated with the plushest decor.¬† It is comforting and pleasurable.¬† Taking care of yourself deserves an experience, not just a polish change. ¬†

Sunday night’s I do what everyone else is doing – catch up on my shows!¬† HBO and STARZ are finally delivering television worth my money.¬† Well, that’s Sunday in the South.¬† I hope you chose to embrace it too.¬† You just may find yourself inspired and engulfed in the stories of local merchants too!¬†

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