Jasmine and Jaila Rose are the mother-daughter duo behind Tea Rose, Nashville’s premier company for luxury mobile tea parties, premium looseleaf tea, and tea accessories. Jasmine and Jaila curate each experience to embody sophistication with southern flare and whimsical grandeur. Learn about Jasmine’s inspiration behind the concept and how you can be the next host of your own tea party.

What inspired you to start your food concept?

Enjoying tea parties at home as a little girl with my parents was a favorite childhood pastime, but I never dreamed of owning a business offering loose-leaf tea blends and hosting luxury tea parties. Entrepreneurship was not a part of my life’s plan until countless tea parties at home with my daughter Jaila, the ParTea Princess, rekindled my allure with its essence. Tea Rose blossomed after we decided to couple our intimate mother-daughter tea pastime and vacation tearoom experience to host tea parties in homes and event spaces across Music City and surrounding areas. After hosting Jaila’s 7th Princess ParTea, we knew for sure that there’s no party like a tea party! As a certified Etiquette Consultant, teaching timeless mannerisms, formal dining and social graces to youth and adults brings me joy.

How has your journey been starting a business in Nashville? Why Nashville?

Born and raised in Nashville, southern flare comes natural and has been coupled with fanciful tea party hospitality. As a native, I’m accustomed to Southern-style sweet tea as a signature beverage on the menu, but now I look forward to serving a variety of organic, premium loose-leaf tea for all your special moments of sophistication. The journey over the last year has been exhilarating as we continually meet people excited by our modern, mobile concept of a traditional practice. Our primary opportunity at this point is marketing our tea party services to those who desire the experience. The ultimate goal is to open a new gem in Nashville so natives, new residents, and tourists alike can enjoy tea time in a dedicated opulent space.

What are your must-try signature items?

Our popular tea blends are Matriarch and Rooibos Rose. Matriarch is a dedication to my grandmother as we celebrate her legacy of love and family leadership. The blend marries the sweetness of white peach tea and the delightful essence of raspberry leaf,  hibiscus, lemon verbena, and cinnamon.  Matriarch has been a best-seller since its launch on her birthday June 17th. Rooibos Rose is the ParTea Princess’s original blend with robust flavors of rooibos, vanilla black tea, jasmine, rose, and Turkish dark chocolate.  The tea blend highlights her creativity, confidence, and ability to see the beauty of collaboration.  Sip on it as is or add milk or creamer to make a latte.

What do you hope patrons walk away with when they experience Tea Rose?

Southern hospitality, of course. Tea Rose’s mission is cultivating experiences through tea to create memorable moments. We curate each experience to embody sophistication with southern flare and whimsical grandeur.  Whether you are a guest at a Tea Rose event or sipping from our signature collection in the comfort of your home, we want you to feel a sense of southern hospitality with Glitz & Glam.

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