Tacos With A Twist: Where Colors + Flavors Meet


Bottomless Mimosas and tacos, do I have your attention yet? 

Meet Tacos with a Twist, a colorful, vibrant taco restaurant that brings creativity to the table. This restaurant is what the food industry calls a fast-casual joint. This means that the food is quality and made to order but not a fine dining restaurant necessary for a dress code. This category of food service has been the fastest growing in the last decade, serving a working population that wants something better than fast food, but relatively speedy on the kitchen time. Not only is it the fastest growing but the most diverse market in the foodservice industry.

This restaurant celebrated its one year anniversary on August 26th yet it seems like they’ve been in the game for a lot longer. I sat down with owner, Will Coffee, a Franklin, TN native that loves the thrill of entrepreneurship. A humble man with a powerful resume: realtor, loving dad, oh, and the owner of the first black independently owned taco shop in the state of Tennessee. Will believes that whatever you put your mind to, you have to do it wholeheartedly or don’t do it at all. His passion for food started very young when he wanted to help out around the house. “I just went in the kitchen and started to make random concoctions, I guess that’s not too different from today,” he jokes. He’s not a chef and doesn’t claim to be one, but he likes to call himself a professional experimenter in the kitchen. 


When I asked him the obligatory question, what brings a taco shop to mind when getting into the restaurant business? He tells me, “I just love tacos man.” Which is as simple as it gets. So what brings people back to this place besides the yummy tacos? The answer is the experience. 

I just love tacos man.

He tells me the importance of providing the atmosphere to enjoy food, “the ambiance is one of the first things you see when you step foot in a restaurant, this is before you even eat or smell the food.” 

Speaking of the menu, let’s taco bout it. 

This place has a taco for all of your tastebuds. If you can’t find one, wait until they drop the taco of the month. September’s was the delicious Sweet n’ Sour Shrimp taco (a personal fave). They have certain ones that remain on the menu throughout the months such as the hot chicken taco topped with coleslaw and a banger aioli, the bang bang shrimp taco, and the teriyaki chicken and rice taco. I’m a fan of the portion size as well, you’ll find out quickly these aren’t your street-style tacos that you could devour in a couple bites. These tacos are filling, and a hungry man like me can’t take more than 3 or 4. The ingredients and creative menu add to the overall vibe of the restaurant making you feel like you’re on the beach. The bar is another show stopper, for starters; they have every day, all day bottomless mimosas (!!). I don’t know many taco spots where you can find Prosecco on tap, but if you know of any, my contact information is below. 


My favorite question I like to ask restaurant owners/chefs is, “If your restaurant were to run for president, what would its slogan be?” 

He tells me, “more than a restaurant.” He goes on to mention the venture of making this fast-casual tex-mex restaurant was exactly what Nashville needs. “There’s nothing like this here, I had to bring something to the table I liked and I knew the city would appreciate it.” They truly live up to their slogan, at this point, I’d vote for tacos as a write-in. 

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