It’s Getting Surreal: Antioch’s Go-To Healthy Food Spot

Surreal Spice, located on Murfreesboro Pike in Antioch, TN, is becoming a staple custom health spot. This restaurant is built on the union of Ty & Surreal, transplants from Detroit, MI. Their career paths had brought them into management positions for a large corporation, which led them into relocating to the south. 

Being in a leadership role for her company, Mrs. Surreal grew tired of the corporate lifestyle and decided to dedicate her time fully towards catering, a life time passion of hers. She soon, along with her husband, took the leap of faith and established a brick and mortar for the catering business.

They opened Surreal Spice in August of 2016 and haven’t looked back. “Family over everything” is the impression you receive when observing how they interact with each other and their employees. “My family has always been there to pitch in,” says Ty. He’s always been able to count on his family when it gets muddy. The atmosphere is warm, the service is welcoming, and the products are even better. The family atmosphere even transfers to their neighboring businesses. You’ll see them support their neighbors (Bean Bag Coffee). So much so, Mr. Ty assisted Bean Bag in the start up of their business.

This black-owned healthy spot adds its own hint of unique spice to the community. The importance of wellness is becoming a forefront intergenerationally. A business like Surreal Spice has become a great way to increase the awareness of health in diverse, demographic groups of clientele. Speaking of Antioch, it has become a booming area in the Nashville area that represents many countries around the world. The area of Antioch represents as many countries in the world as ingredients on the menu. 

Discussing with the owners, I asked them what the slogan would be for their restaurant, Ty said, “keep it real, eat it real”. Real food begins with the ingredients and that helps with how you view yourself and how you live your life.

What to eat:

At Surreal Spice, you can find over 50 different ingredients to put in your salad, and even a soup of the day. These meals are made fresh to order to ensure the highest quality food for your tummy. There are hundreds of possible combinations you can try and you’re bound to find a dressing to fit your creation (Ancho Chipotle is my favorite). The premium toppings and protein choices allow your salad or wrap to transform to a new meal every time you visit. The salads even come in two sizes, and each one is generous! 

As we enter the season that reminds us of family and togetherness, let the Surreal family be a reminder that taking a leap of faith is pivotal to growth. Comfort zones are nice, but there’s never much room to grow in those places. It’s ok to be afraid of the next move, the best way to make that move is with the ones you love.

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