One Woman Making Doing Business in Mt. Juliet A Cool Vibe

Michelle Price-Johnson is the owner of Success Lab HQ, a Mt. Juliet co-working space and professional development site. Michelle has consulted around the county and has made Nashville home, since leaving Toronto a few years ago. She is also the quintessential businesswoman, full of energy and a natural motivator. When you leave a meeting with her, you are energized to go out and do something! Read her Nashville story and there are some hidden gems you can also grab on to.

What is Success Lab HQ?

Success Lab HQ is an upscale business and professional development resource. We have space for people to come in for a few hours to work or hold meetings or take Zoom calls. We also have community groups that book space for small meetings and life groups. It’s also a resource center. We have offline courses, that have since moved online due to COVID, and we help people get their goals done faster. We have courses on networking that really work! Also small business strategy and more. We also have a mini-course called “How To Do Everything You Want.” It helps people get over those stumbling blocks that keep people from getting their goals done.

Was there one aha-moment that inspired you to open Success Lab HQ?

I have been a corporate consultant for years and I traveled a lot with my home as my base. A few years ago, I started working with leaders and professionals; real people who needed pro skills to reach their goals a lot faster. That made my life a lot busier than I could handle, so I hired an assistant who worked in my living room while I worked in my home office. That was cool until my husband and I wanted to sleep in! I started looking for a small space for just the 2 of us but I didn’t want to go downtown. I saw a lot of co-working spaces, but I didn’t want to buy this huge office that wasn’t trendy or cool.

Since there wasn’t a co-working space in my area (Mt. Juliet), I decided to make one.

I searched for a space that was modern and new in a great area. I actually got the last space in a new building near the Providence Marketplace. I built out my office, an office for my team, and additional space for others to work as needed and the rest was history!        

What can people expect from Success Lab HQ?

We’ve had other people try to make us like WeWork and other big warehouse co-working spaces but we are not like that. We offer a boutique experience to executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs who are here to close a deal or work in an office for a few hours. It is not the warehouse club office scene. We are not a huge space, but we have a huge impact on the people that come into our space. We have hourly private offices for people who come in to meet with a client or take Zoom calls. We have hot desks with great views for you to stretch your papers out on a desk and work. We also have a conference room for group meetings and we even allow people to rent out the entire space. We actually just did a bridal shower and the bride’s theme was “The Office!” They decorated the space and it was really great. We also have a church that meets here every week. I’d say Success Lab HQ is a posh community space for our local area, but of course, anyone and everyone is invited to go to our website and book their own experience.

You also focus on providing not just business space but actual business resources. Can you share?

Right now, because of COVID, so many people have been taking a close look at how they’ve been living and want to live on purpose, doing things that make them happy. I designed a course called “Purpose Blueprint” a few years ago and it is so relevant right now. People are so into it as it helps professionals and everyday people who have been working for years but hate their jobs and want to do what they were created to do. In July, we did a private C-level master class called “The Boss Summit” with just 3 people. There was an attorney, a high-level government staffer, and a college professor. They all traveled to get here, the furthest traveling 7 hours. Why? Because even though they were successful in their fields, they were trying to change their lives to do what they were created to do and what made them happy. It was life-changing for them. People have been asking me to have that experience with others, so now I’m trying to recreate that experience for different people because it was such a successful event. If anyone is interested in that life-changing pivot, we make it easy. The “How To Do Everything You Want” audio is free on our website, and it will take you down a path where hopefully, I get to talk to you about it at the end. 

Why Mt. Juliet versus Nashville?

When I got married, my first house was in Nashville, then I ended up taking a job in Toronto, Canada. We then moved back and settled in Mt. Juliet almost 2 years ago and I love the Providence area. Even before quarantine, it was so hard for me to have to drive anywhere because anything I needed was right here. Everything’s nice and new and there’s a great community here. When I have to go to the airport, it’s 15 minutes away. I’ve timed it! When I knew I needed a space to work, driving downtown and paying to park was not on my list of fun things to do with my time.    

Describe your entrepreneurial journey in 3 words.

My 3 words would be “faith-based journey.”      

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour?

I am a brunch girl because it’s breakfast, but not too early. Throw in some jazz and some friends and it’s Voila!   

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