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Hey. We are so excited to have you participate in our new Urbaanite Nashville Guide by offering a special perk for readers. Our curated collection of perks and experiences will be a value added component for our new guide and readers to explore the city through your local business. Each merchant we invite to participate contributes something very special to our city guide community. You move a little differently, celebrate diversity, embrace culture and believe in our mission of connecting locals, newbies and tourists people in a purposeful way. Welcome.

To get setup.

  1. Make sure to read our community standards
  2. Submit your pass offer below. 
    1. Make sure to answer all required questions and submit 1 business photo that embodies the product and/or service you offer. (High res jpeg or png images only)  
    2. Your local offer. This exclusive perk can be anything that allows our community an opportunity to experience your business first hand. Here are some examples: bogo (buy one, get one free), purchase an item and receive a special gift, specialty drink ticket(s) during your event, exclusive % off your product/service only offered on Urbaanite. If you are still struggling to think of your one-of-a-kind perk, just email us at and we can provide some assistance.
  3. Your offer will then be addd to our Nashville Guide perks page. Offers can be redeemed one-time.  
    1. How to redeem: Customers will present their pass offer to you by showing their mobile phone. You and/or your team can then scan the pass with any QR Scan app to redeem. Pass will then be invalidated.  
    2. Sample Pass –