The Nashville Streetwear Shops To Know


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It’s officially summer, so what does that mean? Tis’ the season filled with lots of celebrations, fun, travel, and fashion! Of course, we want to look good while we are OUTSIDE! I know sometimes it can be challenging to find clothing that fits you and your style. Don’t stress, get dressed. We’ve got just the right spots so that you can find some heat to add to your closet. Drip or drown in the latest fashion. 

Live Above

This black-owned clothing line has a wide selection of clothing. They make just about every article of clothing and accessories that you could need and want. Their signature, “Live Above” is a reminder to always push through life’s adversity. Clothing that is simultaneously simple and stylish with stunningly vibrant colors. If you want great clothing made of quality material then they’ve got you covered.

100 Taylor Street suite A11A Nashville, Tennessee

(513) 338-6888

The Trenches

Not only is this black-owned boutique but a clothing line as well. Offering a range of fashionable clothing and accessories. They also have the latest and hottest sneakers. If you want to take your closet to the next level, you should definitely check out The Trenches boutique.

906 Buchanan St Nashville Tennessee 37208


Music City Vintage

Fashion is known to constantly change and evolve but sometimes the classics just can’t be beaten. Let’s take it back, here you can find great vintage clothing. Most of their pieces are from the ’80s and early ’90s. All things vintage and that also includes accessories and shoes. What better place than to cop some nice gear at.

2503 Gallatin Ave Nashville, Tennessee

(615) 915-4123


Rooted is the perfect place to find the new and trendy fashion. They also offer draws for the most popular items to offer an equal opportunity for their customers to get a chance at copping some heat. They’ve got just the right stuff to have you turning heads at the next function this summer. They offer both men’s and women’s clothing. You will definitely want to check out their vast inventory.

62 Hermitage Avenue Nashville, Tennessee

(615) 915-0866

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