Stay Fresh Cleaners: The Dry Cleaners Where They Know Your Name

Stay Fresh Cleaners in North Nashville is not just a Dry Cleaners. It is a testament to how much any community can achieve when it leverages the value of friendship, vision, identity, and education.

Located on 755 Moormans Arm Rd, the minds behind Stay Fresh, Alston Thurman and Reggie Coopwood came together along with a group of amazing African-American investors to purchase the business and buildings real estate. Their collective resumes and backgrounds include well-respected Nashville institutions such as Montgomery Bell, Fisk and TSU to them both working together at HCA before they started this venture. The men were aware of the existing inequality when it comes to Education in the United States –and they’re thankful to older generations who impressed upon them the importance of diligence and applying yourself when it comes to achieving success.

Stay Fresh owners, Alston Thurman and Reggie Coopwood

There is also significance in the location and history of Stay Fresh, a long-standing black-owned dry-cleaning business in North Nashville. Fun fact: The previous Stay Fresh owners, the late Rick Woods and Marsha Woods is the aunt of Urbaanite Editor, Ashley Currie. “I know the time and effort it took for my aunt to sell the business and was excited to learn their legacy in the area would carry on”, shared Ashley. Every single investor and partner in this venture is African American – a new type of collaboration powered by friendship and shared culture. They share a popular sentiment among the Black Community in Nashville: keeping our history, culture and family celebrated in the area. 

Previous owner, Marsha Woods with Stay Fresh owners and investors

Instead of buying out the building and gutting it to rent to an outside party, they made a choice to retain the original business as well; effectively keeping an essential Black-owned business alive for the community it serves. There is something powerful in redefining gentrification and investing in Black-owned businesses: taking ownership of the money that flows into revitalizing the area.

What to expect:
Stay Fresh cleaners is here to stay – for these friends and business partners, it’s not a question of if it will work out. The choice to become full-time entrepreneurs was made with vision and intention. While Stay Fresh still and always will offer the services the business has offered for over 20 years, the new owners are actively seeking out ways to expand their market share in industry verticals. Some of those ideas include commercial cleaning of linens and towels for Nashville’s famous travel & hospitality industry and disrupting the existing multibillion-dollar laundry industry with black-owned laundry products that are safe and healthy for families to use.

Services they provide:
Stay Fresh Cleaners offers full-service dry cleaning including on-site cleaning services, alterations and special fabric cleaning. So, if you’re a professional in Nashville with a need for regular Dry Cleaning services, a sneakerhead with some white kicks that need a refresh, or both – stop by Stay Fresh. You’ll feel confident that your patronage is a small role in a large-scale mission you can truly get behind.

Stay Fresh customer, Erica Gilmore

Location: Stay Fresh Cleaners owners (l to r), Alston Thurman, Reggie Coopwood

Photographer: Elle Danielle

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  • My First Gig At The Age of 15 Year’s old, I’ve been working ever since!
    One of the employers in Nashville that hired teenagers my brother Jamal Campbell started off there even my neighbor Ronald from across the street at the time, worked there for time period! At the time Betty and Mr woods were my supervisors. I just want to say congratulations to one of my former classmate of FHJ & Church Member Reginald coopwood! For being the new owner I know you would love the facility and one of the best communities of Nashville Tennessee and Davidson County! When I attended Whites Creek my clothes stayed neatly pressed as I was a fashion designer and seamstress.

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