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Spring is here in Nashville and styling your eating or dining table can help to bring in a little brightness and delight into your space. There are so many options when it comes to table settings so just remember to have fun and use things that speak most to you and the occasion or the pleasantry of creating an elevated experience. I will share some tips and guidelines that you can reference when creating your elevated Spring table setting.


Fresh flowers or live plants are always a refreshing way to bring life to a table setting. Flowers help to create character as well as help to emphasize different moods. You can opt for freshly cut flowers or more elaborate centerpieces depending on your vision. Remember, the size of your flowers or plants depend on the size of the area you have to work with in your space. Sometimes less can be better as it is more important to focus on the colors and textures. Creating a more intimate Spring setting can look like roses and peonies or something as lively as tulips or ranunculus. 


Fresh fruit is another way to add color and texture for your place settings. The rich color of a freshly sliced grapefruit, or the rich color of grapes can are unique and fun ways to add depth to your tablescapes. In addition to fruits, candles are always a great way to add character to your tablescapes. Whether you opt for a cluster of pillar candles or add height and variety with taper candles, they are sure to add a different element to your setting. 


Depending on your vision, incorporating your favorite heirloom items, favorite china, and glassware are great ways to add a little fun to your table. Whether it is the quirky cocktail glasses you found at your favorite store or the patterned plates you’ve been hoarding in your credenza for the right time, remember to just have fun and create something that speaks to you and your guests. Personalized elements will always help to elevate your Spring tablescape. 

Nicole Gaines, Founder + Lead Designer at The Clarity Shop

Looking to elevate your home or business space, The Clarity Shop is a great place to start.

Photography: The Clarity Shop

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