A Socially-Distant Valentine’s Day In Nashville


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“The best way to spend Valentine’s Day is safely and with someone you care about. Not sure how to make the day feel special at home? No worries, we got you covered in this guide for a DIY V-Day celebration!”

There are plenty of reasons to want to stay inside this Valentine’s Day, and that’s totally fine. So, if you choose to celebrate with your partner in the comfort of your own home, be sure to make it extra special. Go above and beyond the normal “take out and movie” and plan something that will really make them look like the heart eyes emoji. Unsure what to do? Don’t worry. Here are some tips for how you could elevate your intimate celebration.

Get dressed

Whatever that looks like for you put on something a little more special than your regular comfy clothes. It doesn’t have to be the whole nine yards with a suit, and tie, and heels, and false lashes, but it should be something intentional. Whether you get some cheesy matching t-shirts, or just put on the “nice sweats”, getting dressed will add a little more oomph to the date so it doesn’t feel like any other day around the house.

Set the mood

Pull out the nice plates, play some music, dim the lights, and light some candles. Whether you and yours prefer a quiet night in or an exciting night of fun and laughter, transforming the atmosphere of the living room will add an extra bit of romance to the night.

Get some food

This one is kind of obvious for a classic “dinner and movie” date, but you can still get creative with where your dinner comes from. Make each other’s favorite meal, compete in your own version of “Nailed It”, or maybe even splurge a little for a personal chef.

Go out

Not interested in doing an “at-home date”? Mask up and head out. If you’re looking for something a little out of the box to do, but still socially distanced, check out some of these options.

Top Golf

Music City Indoor Karting

Paddywax Candle Bar

Sips N Strokes

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, be sure to enjoy it with someone you love, and that includes yourself 😉

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