Renee Watkins: A Local Yogi Bringing Inspiration And Good Vibes



Why are you lovin’ Nashville right now::

I love how “artsy” the city is becoming and how free it all feels.

What do you create in the city::

I am a yoga instructor and founder of RW Yoga that caters to those in low income families.

Why do you do what you do in Nashville::

I stared yoga after a conversation with my modeling coach who suggested I do yoga or Pilates. I choose yoga because I thought it was easier but I soon found out not only was it challenging but it helped me focus and stay calm. I want them to understand the discipline, openness, love and internal growth that goes along with it. I tell everyone that I aspire to be an inspiration meaning…that whenever you meet me or see me or hear anything about me, I want to spark something in you that motivates you to do something anything EVERYTHING good! “I aspire to be an inspiration.”

Our community loves living local, what makes your local business different::

There are many yoga instructors in Nashville but very few are black and none of the others have programs for low income households.  In November 2014, I graduated from the 200 hour yoga teacher training program from Kali Yuga Yoga as the first African American female student. Since graduation, I created RW Yoga in hopes to get people, especially women of color, to understand that there is more to yoga than the physical aspect.

Quote and/or Scripture you live by::

Live life without malicious intent.

In Nashville we love to brunch, happy hour or coffee/tea it up. What do you prefer and why?::

All of the above are good for me if the vibes/energy are right because it’s always great to be around good people.



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