Remembering Nathaniel Harris and his Woodcuts Gallery Legacy

mr. nate-harris

The passing of Nate Harris, owner and founder of one of Nashville’s local staples, Woodcuts Gallery and Framing was felt throughout our community this week. A kind, quiet man Mr. Harris created a business that has stood the test of time as Nashville grew rapidly. Located on Historic Jefferson Street, Mr. Harris started Woodcuts Gallery and Framing 36 years ago and celebrated their 35th Anniversary in 2022 which Urbaanite was excited to be a part of. He created an inspiring space for artists, including Omari Booker, Michael McBride, James Threakill, and more to display their works. Woodcuts was also known for its framing with locals making it their go-to for their home decor needs. The business was honored last year with a historical marker commemorating all of the great work Mr. Harris fueled in North Nashville.

Mr. Harris is survived by his loving wife of 52 years, Brenda Jones Harris, and his two daughters.

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