Pullman Standard: Nashville’s Industrial Inspired Bar with a Twist

All Aboard to the Standard

Pullman Standard, a new spot in Nashville, gives an ode to the industrial side of what made Nashville a major logistical stop. Located in the Cummins Station, it overlooks the Demonbreun bridge and railroad tracks. In a brief history of the Cummins station, you’ll find the purpose of the building was to unload and load freight from luxury locomotives coming through the city. In recent years, Cummins Station has transformed to house many restaurants and businesses but none like Pullman Standard. 

George Pullman, the engineer behind the largest freight and passenger cars during that era, saw that there was a need for a modern transit warehouse to give Nashville merchants access to a national commerce landscape. Cummins Station was built in 1906 with the main entrance residing on Demonbreun Street. When you enter the building, you are met with a vibe of relaxed poise and elegance: the art decor and designs mixed with the warm jewel-tone colors are refreshing. There is a private room for groups and events, but also an open area with velvet couches and bronze accents along the original brick walls for smaller parties. Take the time to observe the details: from the hand-orchestrated chandeliers, bronze tap bar, and trendy bathrooms, all the way down to the menu made of real leather with a brass spine. This establishment provides craft cocktails to satisfy any palate and food to pair with any drink on the menu for your enjoyment. 

With Broadway and the lower end of Demonbreun being a tourist hub, it doesn’t give a space for Nashville’s working class who may want to sit and unwind in a warming atmosphere. The goal of Pullman Standard is to bring the Nashvillian into their Roaring 20’s speakeasy to offer a unique and unconventional experience. Unlike many “sophisticated” bars, this locale offers a menu that’s easy to understand with an environment to support conversation with your friends. It can serve as your decompression on the way home or the prequel to a historical broadway night. This place is here to stay, with the Pullman team having eyes set on a trophy case for their establishment. Don’t be surprised when you see this place mentioned on the list of top bars in the country. 

The Pullman Standard is open now, ready to serve Nashvillians and their friends. It encourages you to come and stay for a little while, to take a pause and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Cheers!

What to Expect

A non-intimidating, sophisticated bar.

You enter on the Demonbreun side of Cummins Station, almost feeling as if you’re in an invite-only venue until you’re welcomed with warmth from the staff as you sit in any of the hand-picked furniture to make yourself comfortable. The drinks are explained, and the food is popular with a Pullman twist. 

What to Try

“Safety and comfort”

Refreshing with tequila reposado, papaya, brown sugar, vanilla, and lime and topped with mint and cocoa. The mint and cocoa hit your sense of smell as you take your sip which adds a unique tasting experience you’ll remember. 


Espresso Martini and Old Fashions on tap! (and many more favorites)

Can you believe it? Old Fashions so accessible with the Pullman Standard stamped ice. 


“1906 Martini” 

A great year for many things, but more importantly for the relevancy of this feature, it is the year of Cummins Stations’ birth. You can choose either vodka or gin with your preferred style and garnish. 


Duck Tacos 

You’ll truly appreciate the taste range with these tacos. Flavorful with almost a sweetness that is not too overpowering but complementary.


The Pullman Tots

A bar favorite, with amazing cheddar and chives


Mint Ice Cream

This ice cream is more elevated than you could imagine. Wasabi peas and black sesame are added to this soft serve to put it over the edge. Yes, it works, just trust me. 

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Pullman Standard: Nashville’s Industrial Inspired Bar with a Twist

Pullman Standard, a new spot in Nashville, gives an ode to the...
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