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Owner, Tamasa Holden

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Website | http://peculiarpplclothing.bigcartel.com/
Email | peculiarpplclothing@gmail.com


Instagram | @pppl_clothing

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About Peculiar PPPL (PPPL) Clothing:

I launched Peculiar PPPL (PPPL) Clothing in March of 2013, with the childhood dream of becoming a designer and clear instructions from God. I never intended to start a Christian based t-shirt line; however, when you receive a vision from God, it’s hard to ignore. The purpose for PPPL Clothing is to become a diverse clothing company with many subdivisions, offering everything from t-shirts to limited edition collections. My goal is to continue to build a faith based company that is internationally known, while making a positive impact on my hometown community, Nashville, TN. In the near future, PPPL Clothing will continue to provide diverse collections of clothing, host entrepreneurial events for local Nashville businesses and play a role in assisting the city towards its homeless relief efforts. I accredit my logo, company name and vision all to God. As I continue to follow His lead, my prayer is that PPPL Clothing becomes a high fashion power house while remaining true to the community from which I came.

Why you will love Peculiar PPPL (PPPL) Clothing:

My belief is that Nashville can appreciate a business like PPPL Clothing because it is a faith embedded city that is rich in tradition and values, while at the same time rapidly growing towards a freshness and newness that the city has never experienced before. PPPL Clothing exudes everything that Nashville stands for and promotes the fresh future that the city is heading towards.





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