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Popcorn and Champagne is a podcast hosted by Nashvillians, Tiffany Gray and Toni Fitzgerald aka Tiff and Toni. They have always loved television and entertainment and decided to meld this love into a podcast. If you want to stay up on the latest from the new movies or documentaries dropping on Netflix to going inside some of Nashville’s local businesses, you have to give Popcorn and Champagne a listen. The growth is evident from the first podcast to now having 50 podcasts under their belt in just 1 year!

Toni and Tiff taping an episode

As young girls, Tiff and Toni simply just enjoyed television and entertainment because they loved it. Now, they study it. Tiff said in a statement, “I was always known among my friends as TV Tiffany, because I grew up just loving television. It’s just been a passion of mine as an only child.“ She continues, “As a little girl, I know it saved my life. Because it was an outlet for me to just escape.” Their passion truly shows through in their podcast, and you can see how much they care about the recommendations they put out into the world. They pick topics that are hot and current, but also what they truly enjoy. There is intention and research behind each episode should also be applauded. Toni shares, “It’s a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes that we have to do. I mean, we’re always very detailed and meticulous with our notes.”

Toni,producer Aaron Walton, Tiff

On the Popcorn and Champagne podcast, Tiff and Toni are not shy and their friendship is a blast to experience in person. They also share how their producer Aaron Walton has helped to take their podcast to the next level over this last year as they continue on their journey to syndication. They have attracted an audience of people who enjoy joining in on all the fun they have during each episode. “We love seeing people on the street and they say “hey, I watched this because of you!” Tiff also said, ”That feels so good. That’s the goal. Because that means we’re doing our job and they’re listening because everything Toni and I talk about, we’re very passionate and we hand pick it”. Their passion shows through, as these ladies work so hard and diligently to get great content out for their audience. “What you watching is also how we wrap each show and connect with our listeners,” shares Toni. The episode they were taping was all about the new movie Origin, Real Housewives to Club Shay Shay just to give you a peek inside all the things they discuss.

The ladies are also two fashionistas. First, the set was absolutely gorgeous and as you can see by the photos, the outfits were too cute. The women bring it in each episode so you are going to always get fashion inspiration while staying up on the hottest in entertainment and TV.

Episode outfit breakdown:

  • Toni | Antonio Melani Jumpsuit
  • Tiff | Top – Zara, Pants-Max Mara 




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Photography: Elle Danielle

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