Planning your Galentine’s Day Party at Home

Celebrating your girls is always a great idea and we are sharing some great tips and ideas for making your Galentine’s Day special. Our editor recently celebrated her first Galentine’s Day event and shared a few takeaways. ¬†

  1. Invite all of the amazing women in your life: “Who all gon’ be there”…yep, starting off with a great list of women you want to bring together to laugh, smile, dance, and celebrate is a must.
  2. Make it a theme: for your party, make sure you set the tone by creating a theme for your Galentine’s Day event. You could do a color theme, like reds and pinks, or tell your girls to all wear pajamas for a night of fun and kiki’ing.
  3. Tasty food is a must: We all love to eat so you want to make sure your menu is giving. A fun charcuterie board, dips, and appetizers are always a great go-to. You can also have your girls bring a favorite dish of their choice. Oh, and you have to top it off with desserts. A cute Galentine’s Day cake is so fun.


Cute decor, check: Decorating your home with fun party decor, balloons, etc. will set a fun tone for the party.

Games and icebreakers to connect your girls: Many times a Galentine’s Day party allows you to bring all of your different friends under one roof. Some of the women may not officially know each other so having a fun game or icebreaker can be a great way to connect everyone. Maybe you are breaking out a game of Left, Center Right (LCR), Jenga with a truth/dare twist to a trivia game.

Gifts of course: Nothing says Galentines Day than a gift. We always love receiving something nice and for your Galentine’s Day party, you can make sure all of your girls feel special. Make it simple, by asking each of your guests to bring a gift, and then everyone who participates can draw a number to select their Galentine’s Day gift.


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