3 New Nashville Restaurants To Try In October

photo credit: Willie B’s

We know how it goes when you find your favorite restaurant. You don’t want to try anything else, but that’s going to change this month. Check out one of these new Nashville restaurants and maybe you’ll find a new favorite. Serving seafood, vegan cuisine, and more, these Nashville spots are guaranteed to satisfy your needs!

The Optimist

Area: Downtown

Atlanta’s favorite, The Optimist, has just opened a new location in Nashville. Known for their fresh seafood, specialty drinks, and most importantly, live music! Be sure to check it out; you will surely be entertained.  

Deep Sea Vegan

Area: East Nashville

A  pop-up experience like no other! Certified scuba diver and chef, Kendall Duffie, has revolutionized the vegan cuisine. Located just in front of the Annex Building, Deep Sea Vegan is bound to make your taste buds water. And we heard their fish sandwich was on point!

Willie B’s

Area: Buchanan Arts District (North Nashville)

“Willie B’s was built on the foundation of celebrating the rewards of your hard work.” This summer, Christopher Jones, chased after his dream and opened his own restaurant. Willie B’s is a kitchen/lounge centered around energy and social events. With everything from live music to catering at your own private events, Willie B’s will not disappoint.


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