Nashville Parents share their back to school tips

It’s back to school time and we know a lot of you are in full transition mode with the kids, work, travel and of course finding time for self-care. With all the things happening, we asked a few Nashville parents what tips they would give for getting the kids transitioned while maintaining. Check out what they had to say and leave a comment with any tips you may have.



Rhonda Shaw

Owner, The Moving Canvas

1 middle schooler

Tip: Getting kids transitioned back in school is encouraging them and letting them know they are smart and can do anything. They will have trials and challenges, but they are warriors and can defeat any obstacle. Plus, make sure to have them start going to bed early ahead of time to get them back in the swing of things.


Courtney Hale

Chief Hope Dealer, Super Money Kids

1 Elementary Schooler


I want my kid to understand that preparing for school after the Summer Break is a collaborative effort that we should be excited about. Even though preparing for school is stressful and overwhelming at times, I don’t project that on my daughter. I project all positivity. I want her to be happy and relaxed about school. We find joy around being a grade older, new friends, and how much stronger her brain has gotten. We collectively discuss new extracurricular activities for the year. I also share her excitement for all the back-to-school shopping. The thing that helps me out the most is being proactive. I try not to do things at the last minute, but sometimes it’s inevitable. I’ve learned that I don’t have to be perfect for my daughter to excel.

Another tip I’d like to offer is to schedule it. Make it a priority just like any other appointment that we schedule in our lives and choose to prioritize. If we can’t prioritize ourselves, then we’re doing something wrong.



Karen Williams


1 Freshman College Student, 1 High Schooler


I would tell parents to continue talking to their children because they are listening. Even when we think they aren’t, they really are absorbing everything we tell them.
  • Talk to them about being nice to others even if they are different because you don’t know what someone is going through.
  • Talk to them about being present and communicating with their classmates outside of social media.
School is about more than tests and grades this is the time for them to learn who they are as an individual and they should enjoy the process and not be stressed out all the time.
Lastly, give your child and their teachers a little grace as they get acclimated.


Domonique Townsend

Founder, We Optimize Work

4 children


While getting your kids transitioned back to school, don’t tie your value as a parent to a morning routine that didn’t go as planned. Oftentimes what worked in the routine last school year may need a few adjustments and time to be a success for both you and your children. The important thing is to give yourself grace, affirm that you are doing your best, and be at the forefront in communication needed with others to limit your overwhelm. This is most important for parents who work the “9-5” and are more challenged with handling the demands of getting their children to school on time while also handling meeting the demands of a manager who needs them at work by a certain time.



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