3 Nashville Women Share Their Love of Gardening During Quarantine

The recent period of quarantine and isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to change our routines and slow down from our fast-paced lifestyles. While others panicked and waited restlessly for businesses to reopen, these 3 Nashville women used quarantine as an opportunity to connect with their families, the earth, and their inner peace.

Daynise shares…

I was raised by my great grandmother in South Nashville and we had a pretty big garden. We grew tomatoes, turnip and collard greens, shell peas, cucumbers, and many other vegetables. We also grew peach trees. I don’t know if she was deliberately teaching me to garden but assisting her gave me the skills. The pandemic settled me down enough to put action behind the intent and my husband and I started our garden. Sometimes, he and I spend time together working the garden, and other times, our sons are with us and it becomes family time. I also enjoy getting up early to water the garden in the quiet still of the morning, coffee in one hand and hose in the other remembering my great grandmother.

Follow her gardening/plant journey at @iamdaynise

Alisha shares… 

My gardening and plant life actually began in January after the death of my dad. It was a great way to work on my grief.  As an extrovert the forced isolation in the beginning was hard because I thrive on being surrounded by my friends and family and being on the go.  I had to learn how to slow down and start a mini garden from scratch and buying new plants will definitely make you do just that.


One thing that I’ve learned from my plants is that sometimes you have to start from the beginning and learn to slow down. You can’t rush a plant to grow.  It takes time to nurture it and figure out what type of lighting, water and soil it needs to live. We can take note from that and remember that we need certain things in our lives to help us thrive as well. Being married, raising kids and working can feel constant. My plants allow me to tune out the world for a bit and focus on making my surroundings better which in return helps me feel better.

Follow her gardening/plant journey at @wineingmomma

Monchiere’ Holmes-Jones

Back in March and at the start of the COVID-19, my anxiety pushed me into survival mode and I birthed my potted patio garden.  My husband and I planted anxiously onions, potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, persimmon, carrots, herbs, and watermelon.  Immediately, that anxiousness went away and bloomed into purposed healing as we began each quarantined day standing in the sun, watering and growing with the seeds we had sown.

My survival garden regularly requested my love and presence with every change and sprout of a plant, and I joyfully obliged. I went from sitting at my desk 60+ hours a week prior to the COVID-19 to dwelling in my infant garden pruning and harvesting my crop for meals for hours on end.  Growing this garden is truly the best thing that has happen to me during this world pause and it continues to make me better with daily changes to my life.

I plan my meals and cook more now based on which plant is ripe for harvest that day, I forbid cell phones in our garden, and as I water my garden I too drink a glass of water in a toast.

Follow her gardening/plant journey at @monchierehjones

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