A Guide To The Ultimate Girls’ Night In


Planning a Girls’ Night IN? Whether you’re dressing up to stay in, or partying in your PJ’s, here’s the ABC’s for a great GNI!


Of course, the food needs to be one of the first things you think of when hosting a gathering. If you’re thinking of making dinner for your friends, then go all out with your favorite recipes, or even give that new one you saw on Facebook a try. But, if you all aren’t planning to have an entire dinner tonight, you could even make it a potluck event. Have each friend bring some tasty snacks and desserts, that way you know everyone will love something, even that one super picky friend. Not sure what to bring, try out these places around Nashville!

The Roll Out

1006 Buchanan Street

Nashville, TN 37208

Kernels Gourmet Popcorn

2501B Gallatin Ave

Nashville, TN 37206

HiFi Cookies

733 Porter Road

Nashville, TN 3720


Since you’re staying in, it’s time to turn up! Hit up the liquor store before your friends come over, and set up the spirits. Pour out some wine,  or get creative and mix up some special cocktails. Not sure what to make, check out Pinterest for some inspiration, or try one of these.

White Wine Slushie:

16oz Frozen Peaches

1tbs Sugar

2.5 cups of White Wine

Combine in a blender, pour, and enjoy!

Limoncello Prosecco Cocktail:

Pour about 1 part limoncello to 3 parts champagne. Stir and enjoy

Strawberry Mojito

1oz Lime Juice

1oz Simple Syrup

3oz Soda Water

2oz Rum, light

Shake, pour, and enjoy!


Truth be told, getting dressed can sometimes be the hardest part of the night. Treat yourselves like the queens you are and wear your cutest dress with your highest heels. And since you’re staying in, there’s shame in kicking your shoes off before the night is over. But, on the other hand, a great girls’ night in could easily be one spent in sweats suits. Break out that new set you bought online and show everyone that you are the Queen of Comfy, the Lady of Lounge, the Duchess of… you get the point. Whether this becomes a night of style or comfort, just be sure to take a lot of pictures.  


Turn on the Bluetooth and put on your favorite playlist, it’s time to jam! Whether you like to throw it back to the songs from your childhood or keep yourself up to date with the newest music on the streaming services, just get up and boogie down! And hey, you might even want to learn a new Tic Tok dance while you’re at it. 


What’s a Girls Night In without some games? Break out the old favorites like Uno and Jenga, or try some of the new ones. Card Against Humanity is a great way to see who knows whose sense of humor better and Black Card Revoked will definitely have you wondering just how much you know about the culture.  


Now that we’ve eaten, drank, danced, and played games, it’s time to chill out and turn on a good movie. Tune into an old Disney Channel Original Movie on Disney+ for some nostalgic vibes, go to Amazon Prime and see what’s just been released for that movie theatre realness, or turn on a comedy stand-up on Netflix to feel like you’re at Zanies. Whatever you decide, be sure to grab the popcorn, a good blanket, and enjoy the rest of the night 

If you add any of these ideas to your GNI, be sure to tag us on Instagram @Urbaanite, so we can share in the fun too!

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