Nashville Through The Eyes of 7 Instagrammers We Love


We love beautiful pictures and of course, Nashville. With that said, we wanted to share some of the Instagrammers we love who are showcasing the city through their lens. Imagery is such a powerful tool that can leave us with a plethora of emotions. It is how people share their story, their family, their business, their life.  These folks are super thoughtful and intentional with the photos they share and we are here for it.  Living local, unapologetically is always a win. From cute babies to love, skylines and food aka all things that make us smile and hoping you will leave feeling the same way.

all photos provided by each instagrammers feed


Shavetta of Bread Milk Butter, is a creative, designer and iPhone picture guru. Her shots will leave you hungry and wanting to find the exact establishment where she captured that latest food shots. Expect food pics from local restaurants and at-home cooking with a little art + design sprinkled in.



Attorney-turned-photographer Elle Danielle gives authentic life to each picture she captures. Oh and you can expect in her own words “tacos, fat babies, and couples in love”.



John with Jmathis Designs is like the king of capturing Nashville. His skyline shots are everything and he loves a great black and white image which we dig. He also travels allowing you to get glimpses of other great cities through his perspective.



Malia of “Lia Went Where” is always trying out the latest restaurants and snapping amazing pics to capture her experience. Expect food, specialty cocktails and the latest new restaurant you should definitely try.



This feed can surely always put a smile on your face. From black love to multicultural family portraits, you are definitely sure to see the diversity of Nashville in pictures.



We are a bunch of foodies around here so when we stumbled upon The Salted Table’s insta, it was love at first sight. Charles is a chef and supper club extraordinaire who loves capturing great food on the regular. Expect food photos for days, unique recipes and the latest place he will be showcasing his recipes for you to try out. 



Clean, vibrant and crisp are words that first come to mind with Toya Michele’s instagram feed. Instant happy feelings occur when you land on her page. Expect local lifestyle, local establishments and some road trips from the photographer living “life on forty west”.


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