Inside A Nashville Tall + Skinny Home with Developer Keith Jordan


Keith Jordan is the founder of The Secal Group, a high-end home remodeling, and development group in Nashville. With the boom in Nashville happening right in front of our eyes, we thought it would be cool to explore some of the homes being built and sold as fast as the latest Ivy Park collection or Jordan’s release. We sat down with Keith inside one of his latest projects to discuss homeownership in Nashville and the housing market boom the city is experiencing. Check it out and drop a comment if you are entering into this Nashville housing market soon or looking to build your own forever home.

How did you get your start in residential housing development?

My background is actually in real estate. I’ve been doing real estate for 22 years, and I started out with flipping houses. Once I started flipping houses, there were several people who would ask me why I wouldn’t get into building new construction. I didn’t see that as my lane at the time. It kind of happened as a natural progression.

Do you think it was divine timing for it to happen here in Nashville?

Yes, absolutely. I definitely feel like it was divine intervention that I met the guy who helped me start in real estate and everything else evolved out of it.

Tall and Skinny by The Secal Group


Keith Jordan, Owner, The Secal Group
Living room inside The Secal Group Project

As an African American developer how do you feel about the gentrification happening in the city? 

I think it’s both positive and negative. I think it’s positive for the city in terms of more money coming in. On the other hand, you have people getting pushed out of their areas and can’t afford to move back in. With our non-profit arm, we have begun to focus even more on giving back to the community through more affordable housing. That’s really where I want to be and focus on in the next 10 years.

(left to right) Gary Barnes, Project Manager, TheSecal Group; Keith Jordan, Owner, The Secal Group


Chatting and learning

Are there any tips that you would offer to readers looking to get started in homeownership in the Nashville market? 

I think what needs to happen initially is just working towards getting qualified. If you get qualified, even if you’re not quite ready, you can see what your credit score is and gauge your possibilities. Once you visit a mortgage person, they can break down the numbers for people to see how attainable buying is because you’re technically already paying these prices as a renter. Many people just need to go get qualified and tailor it from there.

What would you tell someone looking to get into real estate investment development?

Start slow. You can lose a lot of money when you rush the process. I’m a witness.

Bedroom by The Secal Group


The Secal Group bathroom


Living room by The Secal Group


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  • I enjoyed seeing the owner and project manager. But the article left me with more questions than answers. Was the owner born and raised in Nashville. Does he have real family ties here. Does he care how the original community, the ones being pushed out as he noted, feel about tall and skinnies. Did he consider building residential homes consist or conducive to the neighborhood. Thanks.

    • Thanks Claudia. The Secal Group is actually doing a lot of work in North Nashville right now, continuing to help victims of the 2020 tornado along with working on several affordable housing projects.

  • Keith, this site is very cool. I have worked with Keith on many projects and know for a fact that he cares and wants the best for his customers. Good luck on your new endeavor.

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