Nashville native Saaneah talks her new country song


Nashville native Saaneah is setting out on a new course with her first country song. I had a chance to sit down with this singer/songwriter and her infectious energy that lights up a room. Once you meet her you are instantly family and immediately see why this talented artist is on the rise. Her melodic voice can truly sing anything and the proof is in her newest song, “Get the Hell Outta Dodge” on the new country album My Black Country, by Alice Randall. This is Saaneah’s first entry into country music but it definitely will not be her last.

With her roots in R+B, starting at a young age in church to honing her craft during her time at Tennessee State University, she has always had a love of different genres of music. As Saaneah shares, “If it wasn’t for going to Tennessee State University for music, I would not be the musician that I am today. I studied Classical, Jazz, and Broadway and was a part of the Tennessee State University Showstoppers”. Being able to flow through a multitude of genres is Saaneah’s superpower and with Get The Hell Outta Dodge, the sky is not even the limit for this North Nashville-raised songbird. 

Saaneah captured at Ampersand Studios


Tell us the moment you knew you were going to become a singer:

It happened when I was six years old. I was watching the show, Martin, and remembered Pam at that moment was singing Silent Night, and I was just so intrigued and so in awe with her voice. I was like, I want to do that. So I tried it. I was at my great-grandmother’s house, and my mother heard me, and everybody was like, whoa, we have a singer. From that point on, I started doing solos at church and studying music deeply. My parents were always surrounding me with a multitude of legendary music. I believe in mastering a craft and it became a journey for me to build confidence in my voice. This took multitudes of involving myself in art programs and experiences that helped to elevate this talent that I discovered. This eventually took me to being selected as one of American Eagle’s 9 game changers for their AExME Initiative. the top 50 on American Eagle. 

You are on the new My Black Country album by Alice Randall. Talk to us about this opportunity and why you are excited about this new step into country music:

I’m completely elated to be a part of this very, very special, monumental wave of music. The content of this album is masterful, Alice Randall’s lyrics, color the pictures of the stories so beautifully and also showcase some struggle. Like the song I’m singing “Get The Hell Out of Dodge”. It’s a song that speaks about relieving yourself from an unsafe space and getting to freedom ultimately. Many people will be able to relate to that story because sometimes we stay in things longer than we need. Once you realize it, you’re like, I gotta “get the hell outta dodge” and I’m not gonna leave any ounces of me. I make it a point to ensure that every vocal frequency is infused with God and it’s very intentional. 

This was also the first time I’ve worked with a woman producer and the way she combined our ideas to reimagine this song was just heavenly. I’m excited. I’m just like, wow, Lord, this is miraculous. Everything is miraculous when it comes to My Black Country. I also think I’m the only one who is a Nashville native on the album.  So I’m just blessed to be able to build my career to this point through being a part of this project. 

So, what can people expect from Saaneah next? 

A glamorous world of ecstasy and vocals that are continuously flowing globally around the world. I imagine people being liberated by this song, “Get the Hell out of Dodge”. Maybe they’re influenced to get out of their workplace, from a relationship, from whatever it is that’s not working for their best self. I pray that this song initiates healing in a way that just blooms for so many different people.

For me, I just wanna make more songs that create healing, love, laughter, and fun, you know, just breaking barriers. I will say, I want to tour and look forward to Billboard Chart Life. I’m on the charts this year, and waiting for Beyonce to be like, “Hey girl, come on into the recording studio”. 

Learn what’s next for Saaneah here and listen to her new country single Get the Hell Outta Dodge” here. 




Interview conducted by Editor, Ashley Currie and edited for clarity.

Photographer/Videographer: Elle Danielle

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Nashville native Saaneah talks her new country song

Nashville native Saaneah is setting out on a new course with her...
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