Josh + The Dry Cleaners Where Everyone Knows Your Name

We caught up with Joshua Mundy, the man making dry cleaning pretty, darn cool. If you are looking to start the next great company, want to support a local business that gets it or just need an inspiration boost, this video will get the job done!  As always, make sure to share someone else’s greatness today.  Music City Cleaners would be a great start! #Celebrate #Support # Community.

3 Things We Learned From Our Chat w/Joshua Mundy, Owner of Music City Cleaners:
  1. He wants to be retired by the age of 40 (we can dig that!).
  2. He is a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge. Hustle + Grinding is in his DNA.
  3. Sometimes you just have to jump and pray the net is there to catch you. Remember, he scooped up his Germantown location before he knew what he was even going to do with the space!
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