10 Local Non-Profits Supporting Community and Culture in Nashville


Photo: Southern Movement Committee

Check out these local non-profits who are making a difference in Nashville and beyond in the areas of art, education, activism, mental health, empowerment, and more.

Backfield in Motion

An extended learning program focused on education through mastery of literacy and numeracy skills that leads to a high school diploma, a foundation for higher education, and the on-the-job skills needed to enter the world of work while using athletics as an incentive for academic improvement.

  • Who they support: Elementary and middle school youth

Bhegani Education

Bhegani Education seeks to closes the STEM gap and enhance culture with our innovative STEM2 experiences with an emphasis on making STEM equitable for everyone.

  • Who they support: Youth and young adults interested in STEM education

Creative Girls Rock

Creative Girls Rock educates and empowers young girls and women to utilize their creative talents to enhance their lives and the world around them with a focus in creative expression, arts and crafts, artistic design, visual arts and empowerment workshops for young girls.

  • Who they support: Young girls and families

Moves and Groves

This organization enriches the lives of youth by empowering them to discover their potential through academic achievement and the arts.

  • Who they support: Youth

Project Love Strong

This Black woman run nonprofit seeks to help serve and support the unhoused and underserved communities through partnership.

  • Who they support: Unhoused and Underserved Communities

Southern Movement Committee (SMC)

SMC is a unique local non-profit organizing and building power in the US South for racial justice and human rights. Through their campaigns and projects developed by Black organizers, artists, and movement lawyers, they are building safe and just communities grounded in transformative justice, participatory democracy, and visionary leadership.

  • Who they support: Nashville Black community

The Boyz

What began as a group of men playing recreational sports, evolved to the creation of a non-profit organization committed to equipping young men and women with funds to attend college.

The Equity Alliance

Founded in 2016, The Equity Alliance unapologetically builds independent Black political, civic and economic power through community programming and extensive voting effort initiatives.

  • Who they support: Nashville Black community

The Lantern Network

The Lantern Network fosters economic freedom, making society more inclusive and competitive for everyone through mentorship, entrepreneurship training, and inspiring stories.

  • Who they support: Underestimated college students and young adults

Transformation Life Center

This organization seeks to serve African American/Black collegiate students and youth living in underserved communities through Education, Leadership, Mental Health and Wellness.

  • Who they support: Black Collegiate Students

Youth About Business (YAB)

YAB youth equips students for higher education through an experiential learning model and the development of business literacy and leadership skills.

  • Who they support: Students and youth


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