A Welcome Look Inside: It’z A Philly Thing


It’z A Philly Thing

7609 HIGHWAY 70 S




A little bit of Nashville and whole lot of Philly! It’z A Philly Thing is Nashville’s original Philly cheesesteak food truck whose mission is to bring you great food and a classic Philly experience. Owner Zyhir Baker Elam is a Philly native and adds a bit of brotherly love to every sandwich.

Head over to the West Nashville food truck for an Original Philly Cheese Steak. If you’re in the mood for something new, try the Brotherly Love BBQ Chicken Cheese Steak or the Zy Zy Special Chicken Cheeze Steak. Don’t forget to grab a classic Philly Water Ice with flavors like mango, pina colada, or rainbow. Take a seat at the food truck patio and chow down. You’ll definitely want another for the road!

Visit the It’z A Philly Thing website to place an order for pickup or delivery and experience the taste of Philly right here in Nashville.

It’z A Philly Thing Owner, Zyhir Baker Elam
It’z A Philly Thing food truck and patio area
It’z A Philly Thing menu



It’z A Philly Thing Owner, Zyhir Baker Elam





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