Interior Designers To Know In Nashville

photo credit: Cherokee Soul by Thurman Design Studio

As Nashville becomes a new “it” city and an entrepreneurial hub, there are growing lifestyle essentials needed as our growing housing and commercial market expands. Get some inspiration with these locally-owned interior design firms helping to create beautiful spaces across the city.

Amhad Freeman Interiors

Amhad Freeman Interiors is a design firm that specializes in turning your residential and commercial spaces into the space of your dreams. AFI views the design process as a “journey of passion,” as they work to bring a client’s vision to life from conception to full completion. Valuing balance, harmony, and peace, AFI’s design style is characterized as modern, yet timeless and elegant. The company has worked on spaces in Brentwood, The Gulch, Forest Hills, and West Meade, bringing the culture of the city to life in office spaces and homes. Contact Amhad Freeman Interiors today to see your space transformed!

Thurman Design Studio

Laura Thurman is the creative behind Thurman Design Studios,  bringing a global aesthetic with a modern lens into resident and commercial development spaces throughout the country. Laura combines her Los Angeles upbringing with the culture of Nashville and her client’s personality to create beautiful one-of-a-kind spaces. Her designs have been featured in HGTV Magazine, The Cottage Journal, and more. Thurman Design Studio aims to educate, inspire, and create with their clients by working through a curated design experience to bring a vision to life. With a variety of services, Thurman Design Studios is dedicated to curating a space like no other!

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