Nashville Holiday Drives to Give Back This Season

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Love has a special place during the holidays. Why? Because with every grace, we are more conscious to be thankful. With every intention, passed-on traditions are exercised with loved ones. With every paycheck, that last dollar is given to someone who needs it. And with every moment, precious time is spent with precious people that may not be fortunate to receive the love others are blessed with. Here in Nashville, we lend a hand and we spread the word for the heart of the cause that helps the community. This holiday season, give love and support the following holiday campaigns as we kick off the season of giving.

2022 Giving Tuesday: Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands

Countless number of individuals experience a devastating situation every year, which results in financial fees that are unaffordable, or being stuck with little to no education of helpful resources. Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands is the largest legal nonprofit in Tennessee dedicated to helping low-income and vulnerable individuals receive access to free legal help to civil issues. With a holistic and multifaceted approach, Legal Aid Society assists clients with genuine care, developing seeds in the process to grow long-lasting relationships.

Giving Tuesday is a national day that encourages people, organizations, and generous non-profits to give back. For this Giving Tuesday, Legal Aid Society has a goal to raise $50,000 to help vulnerable people who need access to resources and legal help the most this holiday season. To make a donation, visit the Giving Tuesday donation page for more information.

Give One Christmas Spree Event

Children born into marginalized communities are disadvantaged in ways that will most likely affect their maturation. To level the playing field, it takes direct action and resources to help mold the youth as tomorrow’s leaders. The Give One Foundation is a non-profit that gives back to underprivileged kids in the Nashville community through programs and initiatives to equip them for a brighter future.

The holidays are a wonderful time for children of all ages, but it can be a reminder of different circumstances for some. The Give One Foundation plans to create a memorable experience for children this season with their annual Give One Christmas Spree, an initiative for a selective number of families in need to participate in a shopping spree. With the help of Santa Clause and his little helpers, families will have the chance to shop for their favorite gifts and toys. Ways to help include the following: you can donate money to sponsor a child or lend a hand through volunteer sign-up to support. Click the links to help.

Bhegani Education Turkey Drive

We may know STEM as an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that intertwines into one program. Now if you take STEM and square it to the next level, you have an equation for success that Bhegani Education brings to aspiring adolescents and adults in the Middle Tennessee area. This STEM-based non-profit intertwines the four core programs within other focuses for betterment such as trade skills, life empowerment, and financial literacy. Different STEM-specific programs and activities are key to how they educate participants, but using real-world examples in application from a technical viewpoint is how Bhegani Education separates from the foundational curriculum.

This holiday season, Bhegani Education will host their annual Turkey Drive and Dinner Saturday November 19th at Claiborne Family of Faith Worship Center. Turkey donations can be physically dropped off starting at 10am. Monetary donations are being received via CashApp or Paypal. To volunteer, sign up here for a shift to set up and serve dinner.  

South Inglewood Community Center Shoe Giveaway

A pair of shoes are an important accessory to the everyday attire. From the comfort in movement to the protection from different surfaces, access to a nice pair of shoes is essential to good health; more-so, a privilege not taken for granted in comparison to those that cannot afford the best pair to wear.
One of the ways South Inglewood Community Center gives back to the Nashville area is by hosting a shoe giveaway each year. The idea started in 2018 with the sole intention to furnish shoes for children that are in need of shoes. A goal every year is to collect as many shoes that can fill up the gym floor in the community center. This year, you can come by and donate a pair of gently used or new shoes on Monday November 21st between 4pm and 7pm.

More information can be provided when you call 615-862-8452.

Food for the Soul Food Drive

Every holiday season yearns for a warm meal to commemorate love and solidarity created through communion and fellowship. Different dishes cooked with flavorful ingredients that bring adoration to our spirit and soul. The Nashville Food Project started ten years ago with a vision in which all Nashvillians have access to food they not only need, but also want. A purpose that aims to cultivate community through prepared meals and help alleviate hunger as a whole, especially in vulnerable neighborhoods.

The holiday season is a wonderful time where feelings of depression caused by poverty and food insecurity is real. That feeling creates a sense of loneliness and isolation that can hinder being thankful and having cheer. To combat it, The Nashville Food Project is partnering with Soul’d, a creative collective that looks to cultivate community through their upcoming Food for the Soul Community Showcase Friday November 18th starting at 7pm at All People Coffee & Beverage Hall. Attendees are encouraged to bring honey, canola oil, brown rice, canned goods; as well as a heart ready to take in a satiate lineup of talented artists. Food and monetary donations are welcomed year-round at their headquarters to continue supporting the organization’s work to grow, cook, and share nourishing food. In addition, volunteer opportunities are available in their kitchens and gardens across the city.   


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