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It’s the Return of TSU Homecoming if you didn’t know.

Of course our love for Tennessee State University (TSU) is real and the best time of the year for this honored HBCU is right around the corner. We’re talking homecoming!! Nashville has over 100+ people moving to the city each day and we thought it would only be fitting to help newbies navigate this fun-filled experience. It is definitely a time where it doesn’t matter if you graduated from TSU, went for that one semester and had a little too much fun, pursued your MBA, your parents are graduates or you’re a Nashville native that grew up going to the parade every year. We connected with several TSU folks to create this guide and hope good times at homecoming are had by all.

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photo by Tennessee State University newsroom


Leading up to homecoming week, alumni and students start sharing their excitement and forecasting the type of amazing week they are sure to have. We think the lead up can be just as dope as the actual week. Just follow the hashtags to get yourself going.

  • #tsuhomecoming
  • #tsutigers
  • #tsunewsroom
  • #bigbluerising


To get in on the TSU homecoming experience is to be all about the chants, sayings and alma mater. Expect to hear any one of these sayings plus more during the week and join if you feel the spirit.

  • Get geeked, get geeked it’s homecoming week
  • I’m sooooo glad, I go to TSU
  • In the land of golden sunshine….By the Cumberland’s fertile shore….Stands a school for greater service….One that we adore  (alma mater intro)


photo by Tennessee State University newsroom


This on-campus event is normally held on Friday and definitely reserved for current students, alumni, and faculty. It’s like a “reunited and it feels so good” moment every year. Usually people are in town at this point and ready to get their weekend started. Feel good vibes are high and everyone is super excited for the weekend festivities and seeing folks they haven’t seen in a while. Plus, the Fish Fry also happens on this date and it is one not to miss. Who doesn’t love a good ole whiting fish sammich!

  • William Jasper Hale Stadium, 3500 John A Merritt BlvdNashville, TN


photo by Tennessee State Newsroom


Good old family and friends time sums up this staple experience. The parade is always the Saturday before the homecoming game and held on historic Jefferson St. in North Nashville. Starting at around 10th Ave., the parade processional goes all the way to TSU’s campus. From high school dance teams and marching bands, local area businesses, sororities/fraternities to campus organizations and of course the homecoming and SGA court are all a part of the morning’s festivities. 

  • The parade normally starts at 9:00am on Saturday. We recommend getting there early as street parking fills up quick and seasoned parade goers already know where they are going to plant their folding chairs.


photo by Tennessee State Newsroom


It goes down at TSU’s homecoming game tailgate. The game is held on Saturday night, but tailgating will get started as early as 9:00am. There are so many folks that set up their grills, trailers, RV’s and tents for the day and it is ahhhhmazing. The vibe is always cool, as everyone is there to truly reconnect with old and new friends, eat some great food, sip on a few drinks, watch the game goers fashion show (it’s serious business) and just take in the magic of the whole day. Heck, many enjoy tailgating so much that they may never make it into the actual game. 


What the whole week basically leads up to. TSU normally plays an out of town team and their fans are always cheering them on whether they win or lose. Older alumni are usually all about the game and younger alumni are usually all about walking the stadium and catching up with friends.


photo by Tennessee State Newsroom


The halftime show by the TSU Artistocrat of Bands is what everyone in the stadium is waiting for. They “show out” every year, and really, there is nothing like watching the band perform. From the drum majors, sophisticated ladies (the band’s marjorette team), percussions to brass, the band has a legacy of greatness and never disappoints.


photo by Tennessee State Newsroom

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last updated October 23, 2021

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