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By: Kramer Deans


The Nashville heat is back like it never left! Having a good brewery in mind to cool you down with fire brews and dope patios is a critical need this summer. Follow me and I can show you 5 breweries to beat the heat and drink cold brews!

Harding House

If you like to shop local, or what I like to call local adjacent, then Harding House brewing is for you. Their beer ingredients are from somewhere in Tennessee other than their malt which is from North Carolina, the local adjacent part. Their beers are super crisp and approachable and they pair perfect with the hot weather and their patio and garage doors. Their beers are perfect for new beer drinkers due to the approachability and for seasoned beer drinkers due to the balance. Their patio is perfect because you can sit under some shade at their picnic tables and enjoy their beers and delicious food from the butcher shop next door!

Beer recommendations: Open Table: Hibiscus, Jimmy Red Rice Lager

904 51st Ave N, Nashvillle TN 37203


This brewery is low key for the Instagram folks due to the bright colors and the patio. Of course the beer is fire! Located in the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood, you have a place to sit and kick it outside with delicious food trucks that serve everything from Birria Tacos to BBQ! Make sure to check out their schedule! Jackalope gives you a welcoming vibe that you can feel from the moment you park to the moment you close your tab. The real hook to the brewery is the patio where you can  play cornhole or sit at their table with an umbrella to shield you from the sun. They have very approachable beers that don’t overwhelm and you can drink a few pints of it.

Beer recommendations: Lovebird Wheat Ale, Sarka Pilsner

429 Houston St. Nashville, TN 37203

Image: East Nashville Beer Works

East Nashville Beer Works

There aren’t many places where you can go and sit outside yet sit inside at the same time. At East Nashville Beer Works you can do just that! They have outdoor seating that is covered to protect you from the hot summer days but bring your friends! They have communal seating that is perfect for your crew to try good refreshing beer! Beyond the closed seating they have plenty of outdoor space surrounded by greenery which also includes a playground for your kids to play on while you get to drink beer! The whole family gets to have play time! They have a varying line up of beers from stouts to crispy IPAs! There is something for everyone to enjoy!

Beer recommendations: Tennessee Sipper Golden Light Ale, Miro Miel Honey Blonde Ale

320 East Trinity Lane Nashville, TN 37207

Image: Smith and Lentz

Smith and Lentz

Another East Nashville stronghold, Smith and Lentz gives you what you need with their pizza and beer! It becomes even better when you can sit on the patio! Smith and Lentz is a perfect brewery to get to know because they make super crisp, approachable light beers that are done beautifully! They go perfect with their pizzas like the Pepperoni Pie or the Spicy Marg! When you sit outside with your hot pizza and ice cold brew you will be greeted with umbrella held picnic tables that can easily hold your beer drinking crew! Don’t worry they have wine if you can’t find any beer you like which is doubtful but only one way to find out!

Beer Recommendations: Big night Italian Pilsner, Turn on the Lights

903 Main St Nashville, TN 37206

Image: Yazo Brewing Company

Yazoo Brewing Company

This one is a slick trek to Madison but Yazoo has a great patio to experience great local brews! Being an OG brewery, Yazoo had the opportunity to grow with the city of Nashville. With that growth, their beer grew with it from the mainstays like Dos Perros or Sue Stout! They are located in the Madison area going a bit North but definitely worth the trip because they have good food trucks, trivia, and good times. This brewery is a good place to start your beer journey as their main stuff is simple and brewed well! There is also plenty of space and seating for all types of events!

Beer recommendations: Dos Perros/Sue Stout

900 River Bluff Drive Madison, TN 37115


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