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I don’t know if you all have seen the video of the woman who refused to leave the car because the guy she went on a date with took her to the Cheesecake Factory. Whether you have an opinion about the video or not, did you notice one location that isn’t listed? Yep, breweries didn’t make the list!

This is yet another reason for you to get into craft beer. It’s a great conversation starter because you can talk about the beer in terms of flavor, and aroma, and it’s perfectly affordable to the point where you can take some extra cans home. Also, if you go to the right brewery, you will find they serve food and non-beer products. Let me show you some breweries in Nashville that are perfect places for a first date!

Fait La Force Brewing

“Strength in Unity” isn’t just a perfect statement, especially if you are looking for love, but it’s also the French-to-English translation name of the brewery located in Wedgewood-Houston that specializes in Belgian-style beers, which are deceptively approachable. Their space is impressive with a Victorian interior and decor, complemented by a touch of 1996 with NBA Jam in the corner! It overlooks the city, offering a romantic view while you sit with your potential bae, enjoying Il Forno pizza or their Belgian-inspired menu. Don’t worry, they have non-beer beverages like cider and canned cocktails too! Being in the Wedgewood-Houston area, there are several places to visit after Fait, such as Ph, Hemingway, or Flamingo Lounge, which might have a dope Afrobeats night popping off! Your night is pretty endless at Fait La Force! With the views, brews, and vibe, you can have a quality date here!

Beer recommendations: Heathen Philosopher, Any Pilsner they have 

Crazy Gnome Brewing (East Nashville)

This brewery is a low-key gem for a perfect first-date spot! Tucked away behind Main Street Liquor in East Nashville, you’ll find a small and intimate brewery that is ideal for conversation.

They offer a diverse selection of beers, all of which are approachable, so nothing is overwhelming. But if you’re in the mood for something different, they also have a delicious slushie! You can even have your food ordered and delivered there, allowing you to continue the conversation without missing a beat. If you follow them on Instagram, you might even spot a delicious food truck pulling up in the alleyway that day! If not, there are plenty of restaurants nearby that are perfect for a romantic walk, such as Bar Taco, Tree House, or Margot Cafe. The Gnome is unquestionably a quality place for a great first date!

Beer recommendations: Don’t be a Sucker, Tropic Like it’s Hot 

Southern Grist Brewing (East Nashville)

If you want to appear fancier than you are on your first date, look no further than the sleek new East Nashville location of Southern Grist!

Its modern decor fosters productive conversations rather than the cliché ‘What do you bring to the table?’ discussions! The space is both clean and casual, perfectly matching the vibe of the neighborhood it calls home. They offer a fantastic small bites menu, including options like edamame! The food is on par with the city’s top restaurants, ranging from their delicious burgers to appetizers like the crispy and flavorful potato wedges. I highly recommend trying the Nashville hot potatoes! Their wings are delectable, especially with the white sauce—just skip the bonito flakes! The venue is divided between the bar area for casual dining and drinking and a seated section for a more date-friendly atmosphere. They also offer hard seltzers! If you’re still in need of a cocktail, you can head across the street to Golden Pony for a delightful Espresso Martini!

Beer recommendations: Southern Crisp, ‘Mosa

Bearded Iris (Sylvan Supply)

Let’s head to the west side for a moment! Charlotte Avenue offers some great options for first-date spots! The standout choice there is the Bearded Iris Sylvan Supply location, with its speakeasy/hip-hop aesthetics and its food partner, Black Dynasty! It’s the perfect spot for a warm meal and a cold beer during this cuffing season! The vibe is fantastic, with great music and a cozy, intimate atmosphere thanks to the furniture, which encourages engaging conversations and romantic energy. They also offer a variety of cocktails, ensuring you have plenty of choices! If you’re in the mood for dessert, you can head to Gracie’s Milkshake Bar at L&L Market, just a short drive away!

Beer Recommendations: Homestyle/Pep Talk 

Overall, breweries are the best places for a first date because they offer excellent food and often have wonderful atmospheres that can make the night enjoyable for everyone! If you still can’t get into craft beer, I don’t know what to tell you! Let me know how your dates go if you head to one of these places!


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Make it a Date Night at these Nashville Breweries

The Beerded Brotha shares some breweries in Nashville that are perfect places...
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