Inside The Event: Nashville Black 40 Under 40


I had a chance to attend the event last Thursday and so glad I did.  Love the idea! Love the concept!


It was definitely a room full of awesome black professionals celebrating each other.  I caught up with Shawntaz Crawford aka “Taz” aka the man behind Nashville Black 40 Under 40.

What made you want to start Nashville Black 40 under 40?

There are so many people doing marvelous things in the community and I wanted to make sure they were recognized.



As the resident party guy, how does Nashville Black 40 under 40 differ from other Stay On The Go events?

I feel it was just a natural extension for what I have been doing. As my market becomes more sophisticated, I wanted to give them more and expand their consciousness. Basically, I felt it was time to do things I have wanted to do for a while. The timing was perfect.

What was the key thing you wanted event attendees to takeaway from the Nashville 40 under 40 event?

There are a lot of people doing great things in Nashville that we may never know about. Opportunities will be missed if we don’t continue to network with each other. Our market exists, like-minded people, sophisticated events, it’s all here…we just need people to come out and support.



You opened up the event in prayer? Does faith play a big part in your life and entrepreneurship journey?

Oh yea, I don’t know how I am going to do this stuff, I get divine direction in order to get these things done.  I trust that the “how” will come.  All things I have done have been an exercise of faith.  I do not have a lot of support, but I just have to believe God or whatever you believe in is going to work things out for you.

I trust that the “how” will come…

Who did your dream team consist of to bring this event to life?

D.J., Owner of Limelight, Jerry Maynard who was a great event host, Patrick Swett came through with the food, Sam McCreary and the Mix provided live music and DJ Cee-Lo plus my assistant and I.

So, what’s next for Stay On The Go?

Nashville Black Expo later this summer, with several events and concerts leading up to the event.

Happy Note: a percentage of the proceeds also benefited Nia House Montessori. I was able to capture a pic of the team representing Nia House and really love the mission they have brought to Nashville. You can check them out at






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  • Thanks for the recap, Ashley! It really warms my heart to see young, black, professionals pulling together to celebrate each others success. This is awesome!

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