7 Nashville Based Podcasts To Download Right Now


Podcasts are continuing to be a great resource for many, whether you are seeking out content around working, playing or living in Nashville. With that said, we heard there were some cool local based podcasts to check out and thought we would create a quick reference for you to download at home or on the go.  Your welcome:).

Affirmations of Excellence by Aerial Ellis

This podcast is created by local TSU alumni, Aerial Ellis, an amazing educator, entrepreneur and Memphis native who calls Nashville home. It offers up personal devotionals to fuel your week with excellence as kings and queens. Listen Here 

  • Great for: People seeking inspiration and motivation on a weekly basis
  • Listening schedule: Weekly episodes


Produced and written by Faith McQuinn, Boom! is a fictional mystery podcast series that explores interpersonal relationships, loss, and recovery.

  • Great for: people who love mystery stories
  • Listening schedule: season 4 is currently in progress!

Career Thrivers

Is a tribe for people at a crossroads in their career, personal life or business. If you’re in the midst of change and looking to connect with real people sharing real stories of how to thrive through transition, you should definitely check out. Listen Here

  • Great for: millennial women, urban professionals, entrepreneurs, side hustlers and dreamers
  • Listening schedule: Every Thursday you can check out a new episode

Curious Nashville

This is a podcast where they answer your questions about Middle Tennessee and the region. We investigate oddities, share local history, tell stories of interesting people, and explain how local institutions operate. Listen Here

  • Great for: locals, travelers and the curious, of course
  • Listening schedule: Looks like they may be on a monthly schedule.

Navigate by EC  

Hosted by Brynn Plummer and Clark Buckner two pretty cool people that are sure to bring a smile to your face. This is a podcast dedicated to shining a light on Nashville’s entrepreneur ecosystem, including interviews with entrepreneurs, business experts, investors, local government officials and organizations that support entrepreneurs across the city. Listen Here

  • Great for: Entrepreneurs, side hustlers and dreamers
  • Listening schedule: Season 1 currently available to binge

She + I

She & I is a podcast brought to you by husband and wife tandem, Barrett (B~Love) and India Newsome. They open up the doors to their relationship to give you all a glimpse of how we have managed to keep our relationship healthy over the years. Listen Here

  • Great for: couples, families and all those who love, love
  • Listening schedule: They have over 100+ episodes!

Take Off Your Cool

Hosted by two friends Lise and Major, Take Off Your Cool is a Nashville-based podcast that covers everything from current events to pop culture to feminist and womanist issues. Listen Here

  • Great for: women and people who are not that cool
  • Listening schedule: There are currently no new episodes but over 60+ past episodes that you get in to!


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