10 Nashville Based Podcasts To Listen to Right Now

Monchiere Holmes-Jones and Karen Williams

Podcasts continue to be a great resource for many, whether you are seeking out content around working, playing or living in Nashville. With that said, we heard there were some cool local podcasts to check out and thought we would create a quick reference for you to download at home, work or on the go.  Your welcome:).

Big Chuuuch Podcast

Interviews from major voices of their respective industries! Listen Here

  • Great for: aspiring professionals, Nashville natives
  • Listening schedule: Weekly Episode releases! Check out the latest release with the Nashville podcasters of Seriously Funny.

Career Thrivers

Is a tribe for people at a crossroads in their career, personal life or business. If you’re in the midst of change and looking to connect with real people sharing real stories of how to thrive through transition, you should definitely check out. Listen Here

  • Great for: millennial women, urban professionals, entrepreneurs, side hustlers and dreamers
  • Listening schedule: Weekly episodes!

Deep Dish Conversations

Creator and host Jerome Moore engages in conversations with a diverse array of individuals, including community members, leaders, activists, politicians, and entertainers. Listen Here

  • Great for: change makers and activists
  • Listening schedule: Multiple uploads per week!

Go, Ladies Podcast

A podcast about navigating life, love, and so much more from a 40+ perspective hosted by friends, Faith Seifuddin and Neysa Taylor. Listen Here

  • Great for: women and those seeking lifestyle, and relationship content over 40
  • Listening schedule: Episodes shared weekly

She + I

She & I is a podcast brought to you by husband and wife tandem, Barrett (B~Love) and India Newsome. They open up the doors to their relationship to give you all a glimpse of how we have managed to keep our relationship healthy over the years. Listen Here

  • Great for: couples, families and all those who love, love
  • Listening schedule: They have over 100+ episodes! New episodes every Tuesday!

Next Level Leader with Joseph Walker

Lead pastor of Mt. Zion Nashville provides insightful resources to help leaders RISE. Listen Here

  • Great for: those looking to build a bridge between Christianity and the marketplace
  • Listening schedule: Episodes released every Tuesday


Sharing tips and resources to help you grow your business! Listen Here

  • Great for: For the Black women entrepreneurs!
  • Listening schedule: Multiple uploads per week!

Popcorn and Champagne

Where Conversations about glamour, lifestyle & infotainment lives from Tiff and Toni’s perspective. Listen Here

  • Great for: women and people who love to keep up to date on reality TV, glamour, and Nashville happenings
  • Listening schedule: 33 episodes and counting! Check out their newest episode, a MASHUP with Wesoundcrazy!

The Sweet House Podcast

Inspiring stories of lifestyle, family, and more. Listen Here

  • Great for: professionals & entrepreneurs in need of a little inspiration
  • Listening schedule: Season 2 now available

We Sound Crazy

The podcast giving you a backstage pass to music and culture. Hosted by music veterans Phil Thornton, Tamone Bacon, Claude Kelly, and Chuck Harmony. Listen Here

  • Great for: music lovers, musicians and creatives
  • Listening schedule: New episodes each week
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