NASHFEELS: The brains behind the ultimate party experience in Nashville

When two Nashville-raised people come together for the love of music and community, it can only be up from there. That is exactly what partners D’Llisha Davis and Stephen Thomas did when they created Nashfeels, a theme-based experience that promises an amazing time while connecting tastemakers, music lovers, & creatives. The pair behind the brand is committed to creating safe spaces for the culture where a good time and all the feels are guaranteed.

The Inspiration

D’Llisha (also creator of 2 L’s on a Cloud and Protect the Culture) and Stephen have been working in events together since 2015. Their heart for community and drive for creating memorable experiences have kept them connected and have grown their brand into what it is today.  “We started putting dope shows together and came up with a name and put a stamp on it. And the rest is history,” Stephen says.

Why Nashville?

With the growth of Nashville, the pair couldn’t help but notice the loss of event spaces that were safe places for Black and Brown people. They were bringing an event to the table where everyone was welcome and everyone was having a great time. Tickets were selling out and they knew they were onto something. “We made sure everybody was having a good time and the fact that we are products of Nashville and recognize how we used to have these spaces we could go to,” says D’Llisha.

A NashFeels sold out event, as usual

The Partnership

The magic of Nashfeels can be attributed to the strong partnership between D’Llisha and Stephen , who were both raised in Nashville and have developed a brother and sister relationship over the years that has been a solid foundation for growth. “… there are moments where you don’t agree and there are times where you have that aha moment,” D’Llisha explains. They both agree that honesty and trust is the backbone of their success. “That’s really what it’s about…being honest with each other and we trust each other’s creativity and have fun at the end of the day,” Stephen adds.

The Future 

Brooklyn Bowl has been the well-loved spot for Nashfeels events. But with the growth of the brand and limited space, the duo is looking to expand and grow into a venue of their own. “There are bigger venues that we want to play with…so we are not gonna let anything stop us from putting a ceiling on our brand, and how big we can grow this thing…” says Stephen.

The Nashfeels team plans on continuing to dream big. “A Nashville annual festival?…that is something we have always talked about, always dreamed about,” D’Llisha shares.

How do you want people to feel leaving a Nashfeels event?

“Sweaty and tired,” Stephen laughs. The pair truly want people to let their hair down, and connect with new and old friends. “People just come together like a big family reunion and have a good time…that’s all we really care about at the end of the day.”

You can start getting into those NashFeels vibes at their next event – Feelgiving: Black and White Party hosted by Desi Banks by grabbing your tickets here today because it will sell out.

Photography: Elle Danielle

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