Music City Dope Pedalers: The Biking Group You Didn’t Know You Needed

Music City Dope Pedalers is one of the hottest, new cycling groups in Nashville and was selected as one of the best fitness groups for the Urbaanite. Started by Nate McDowell a.k.a Nate the Great of Brassville, he decided Nashville needed a bike community that was approachable and fun, so he started bringing together people each week to get out, clear your mind and stay active. During the pandemic, there was a tremendous increase in people biking, which even created an actual bike shortage at one point. Music City Dope Pedalers is hoping to give a consistent group ride experience to new and seasoned bike riders and bring people together in the spirit of staying healthy while biking. His overall goal is to make biking super approachable and fun.

As Nate shares, “when I started biking over 10 years ago, I didn’t know I could bike as far as I do now. Then one day I thought — Man, we really need a bike community! Biking is a great way to get out of the house and see Nashville. It is probably one of the biggest reasons I know Nashville so well now. This is why I want to ensure anyone interested in biking can join our group, whether new to biking or a pro.

Music City Dope Pedalers has weekly ride meetups, including Friday nights at 6pm with a meetup at The Local Distro. Each ride is casual with a dedicated route leader focused on ensuring each ride is full of activity, exploration, and fellowship. The group is inclusive of all experience levels and all types of people. 

You can find the full schedule of their weekly ride line up on their IG page, with all meetup spot details of local business locations around town. The group also partners with other local groups and organizations such as Abundant Life Adventure Club to host fun-themed and community-supportive rides such as Black Joy on Bikes, Glow Rides, and other mission-driven purposes. 

This cycle squad is “pushing dope vibes thru Music City” – we hope you can meet up for one of their legendary roll outs

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