Meet The Urbaanite: The Baziles of 80/20 Fitness

Kevin + Jade Bazile are the husband and wife team behind 80/20 Fitness, a fitness center where the motto is “fit mind, fit body, healthy lifestyle.” Kevin is a New Orleans native, who made his way to Nashville to attend Tennessee State University. Jade is a California girl and Fisk alum who just took her leap into the business full-time and is their newest personal trainer. They are probably one of the sweetest couples we have connected with and truly have a genuine want to see people live a healthy lifestyle. They have also carved out a really cool niche of entrepreneur clients, helping them to keep a balance in both their business and personal journey. We love to see it and hope you enjoy meeting Kevin and Jade.

What inspired you to create 80/20 Fitness together?

KB: It was kind of a blessing that a fitness studio just fell in our laps. I was already working at a fitness studio, but the owner and I had a bad falling out and he asked for his key back. As I was leaving, another studio owner who owned the gym above us asked if I wanted to take over her gym. She was going to sign the lease over in our name and sell the equipment. Jade and I weren’t married at the time, but I spoke to her about it. She encouraged me to go for it. When I asked her if she wanted to be in business with me, she said “I don’t know.”

JB: I think I saw it as him already knowing where he was supposed to be while I was at a point where I still wasn’t sure. In the end, I decided to commit to this journey with him. I was working a full-time job as a staffing specialist at that point but would help out when I could. I’ll be going full-time with 80/20 starting next month. I’m very excited. I was thinking to myself, “what took me so long to do this?,” but I know if I would have done it earlier, I wouldn’t have been ready mentally. This is a perfect time now.

How long has 80/20 Fitness been in Nashville?

JB: We have been open since 2016 and It’s definitely been a journey.

KB: We didn’t really understand our clientele at first. Our original audience was a lot of college students. Now, we target Nashville leaders and entrepreneurs. That seems to be our niche. It’s crazy because jade and I are the youngest people at 80/20 Fitness!

So cool, you started your business together, can you share how your love story began? 

JB: I went to Fisk University and he went to Tennessee State University, but I was on TSU’s campus.

KB: At that time, I was a jack of all trades. I was cutting hair, personal training, throwing parties, everything. I was cutting someone’s hair and Jade was getting her hair done. I noticed that she just kept staring at me. I don’t like awkward situations, so I sparked up a conversation with her. After she finished getting her hair done, I could tell she was feeling herself and I wouldn’t be able to get her number. I asked if I could follow her on Instagram and got her number after talking on social media.

JB: I wasn’t in the fitness world, but he already was. For our first date, we actually went to TSU’s gym to workout together. Looking back, I guess I should’ve known what I was getting into.


Jade + Kevin have fun in fitness

What do you want people to feel when experiencing your brand?

KB: The same way that you put effort into becoming a successful entrepreneur, you can put the same effort into your health. Honestly, you need to in order to be successful in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Without prioritizing your health, it can put a cap on just how far you can go.

JB: There’s a reason why our demographics shifted age-wise. When we had younger clients, a lot of them only had short-term goals of looking good for vacation. As time went on, our demographic changed to 35+ and we saw that the mentality was different as well. We do focus on 80% mindset and nutrition with exercise as the final 20%. We want people to understand that you need to have the mindset for achieving long-term results and we want to help you achieve long-term results by creating good habits.

Where do you see 80/20 Fitness going? 

JB: To speak to where we’re going, we want to have franchises all over. However, the current situation with COVID has really opened our eyes and forced us to think about if franchises are a realistic goal for us right now.  Right now, we’re working on enhancing our virtual presence. We already offer virtual classes, but we want to enhance that experience so that our clients and users feel like they can virtually step into 80/20 Fitness and feel supported and like they have everything they need to keep them focused on their health journey.


It’s never a dull moment with Jade + Kevin


Do you think you could have started 80/20 Fitness anywhere but Nashville?

JB: Yes, the opportunity was given to us here in Nashville, but Kevin already knew a lot of people here who helped us along the way. At one point, we were going to close 80/20 Fitness and start brand new in California, but something told us to stick it out. Now, we’re at a level where at that time, I didn’t think we’d ever reach.

KB: Now, we have a strong “why.” That’s the reason  80/20 Fitness is still here today. We look at our families and see that everyone has huge ambition, but no one has truly lived out their wildest dreams, We want to be the people to take that to a level where anybody in our families can say “Kevin and Jade did it, so I can do it too!”

JB: That’s career-wise, health-wise, and relationship-wise, not necessarily just fitness.

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