Meet The Urbaanite: Teresa Mosley Sebastian


Teresa Mobley Sebastian is an Author and Lawyer in Nashville, TN by way of the suburbs in Detroit who is elevating creative writing in the city. Her storytelling was inspired by performances she would attend with her mother at Southern Illinois University. She has released the first book in her trilogy, Lost Seeds under Dominion Asset Publishing. Learn more about Teresa and how nature and putting words to human life is shaping the work she creates.

Teresa Mobley Sebastian

Company: The Dominion Asset Group, Board of Directors (AES Corporation, Kaiser Aluminum Corporation, Peckham Industries, Inc., and Assemble Sound LLC) Lawyer, Adjunct Professor, Author, Philanthropist

Hometown: West Bloomfield, Michigan (Detroit suburb)

Title: President and CEO, The Dominion Asset Group

How many years have you been in Nashville? 6 years

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville? Writing Novels. Lost Seeds (Trilogy): The first in the trilogy is Lost Seeds: The Beginning –

What inspires you? Sounds of nature and the presence of nature

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour? Any of them based upon who is with me

Describe Nashville in 3 words? A bifurcated culture

Favorite Nashville musician, singer or artist? Coco Jones

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now? The Nashville Symphony

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