Meet The Urbaanite: Neysa Ellery Taylor

Neysa Ellery Taylor is the Vice President of MP & F Strategic Communications, a one stop strategic agency. She is also a Co host of Go Ladies! Podcast, a podcast about living fully at 40+ where no topics are off limits. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky and a Nashville native for 30 years, Neysa believes that most of the world’s ills can be solved by being smart, loving & kind.

Neysa Ellery Taylor 

Company: MP&F Strategic Communications / Go, Ladies! Podcast

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Title:Vice President/ Co-Host

How many years have you been in Nashville? Since 1993.  Wow, it’s been 30 years!

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?  Monday through Friday I lead amazing teams at MP&F who strategize and execute marketing plans for multiple clients. I really enjoy working with our team and our multitude of clients. It allows me to aid in the professional development of my peers and immerse myself in so many different fields. My nights and weekends are full of work for the Go, Ladies! Podcast with my friend/soror/co-host Faith Seifuddin. Our podcast is about life, love and so much more all from a 40+ perspective. My life changed drastically in 2019 and I’ve had to rebuild the pieces one by one. I am so proud of the life I’ve built and I love sharing it on the podcast.

What inspires you? Everything. I love so many things but if I had to narrow it down to 1 thing, it’s words. I love words. Have you ever been brought to tears by great writing? I have. I love quotes, scripts, song lyrics, and great books. I’ve clapped and cheered for great sentences. Words move me.

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour? Brunch. It is the perfect balance of breakfast faves (waffles) and dinner’s savory items (shrimp and grits). Plus, it comes with cranberry mimosas!

Describe Nashville in 3 words ? Diverse. Evolving. Home. “Diverse” because so many people don’t understand (or appreciate) how diverse the city is. The four HBCUs, the National Museum of African American Music, historic Jefferson Street and so much more add to the diversity of this great city. I chose “evolving” because I’ve seen the city grow and change and continue to evolve over the past 30 years. I am proud to live in this city and committed to ensuring that the evolution includes all Nashvillians. Finally, “home” because this is where I became an adult, loved my husband, raised my children, and found myself. This city is definitely my home.

Favorite Nashville musician, singer or artist? Jason Eskridge, hands down. His voice is magical.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now? There are so many to choose from. EG+MC (sweet potato fries). Slim & Husky’s (PREAM). Southside Grill (Lobster ravioli). Butterfly Garden Brunch Café (shrimp and grits). But if I had to be honest my favorite Nashville spot is the campus of Tennessee State University. It grounds me. It inspires me. It energizes me. The minute I step on the yard, I want to do more. Think, work, serve courses through my veins every day but when I step onto 3500 John Merritt Boulevard, I am truly motivated to be my best.

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