Meet The Urbaanite: Natasha Marshall

Founder + Nanny, Nurturers of Nashville

Natasha Marshall is a Nashville native, who has taken her childhood love for camp life and the joy of working with kids to create Nurturers of Nashville. But, Nurturers is not your traditional nanny service, she has upped the game by helping one of the fastest-growing segments in the city, new transplants and tourists. With the. Nashville boom, she saw a unique niche for providing off-site and event childcare in the comfort of your home, hotel, AirBNB to wedding venues. We hope you enjoy meeting Natasha.

How long have you been in Nashville?

I am a Nashville native! I grew up in East Nashville and graduated from Hunters Lane High School.

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville? 

I provide off-site childcare services through my company, Nurturers of Nashville. I like to say we are the Uber for childcare, as we can come to your home, hotel, and AirBNB along with event childcare like weddings. As a Nanny by profession, I discovered there was a gap in helping parents and tourists who were seeking reliable childcare in Nashville’s growing market. I grew up as a camp kid (at Camp Paradise Valley) and would later take on a role at the camp when I was old enough. Plus, I was the one always babysitting for friends and family. During this time, I realized I could create my own itineraries and programming that still created meaningful connections one-on-one with families vs. a group setting. From a simple date night, events to long-term childcare services. At Nurturers we want to build long-term relationships with our clients to establish authentic trust. 

What inspired you to create your business? 

I was overbooked as a Nanny and started thinking about what I could do to solve this problem. I knew many of my initial clients were having trouble finding reliable childcare, especially for when they wanted to go out and enjoy the city. Then, when one of my clients participated in the Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Pre-Flight program, she shared with me that I should be a part of the next cohort. I had been playing around with the idea of launching my own childcare services company, so I decided to participate. From there I was able to turn my idea into my growing company. During this time of discovery, I also switched from childcare to elderly care when my grandmother got sick. She would later pass and I would find myself back in childcare which would lead me to officially begin pursuing launching Nurturers.

Why Nashville?

Nashville has 200+ people moving here each day and being a native, Nashville is all that I know, so why not. Being a part of the community, allows me to help transplants and tourists coming here receive great childcare and get to know the city and their neighbors all at the same time.  

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now during COVID?

For kid-Friendly spots, Fannie Mae Dees Park and Shelby Park provide a lot of outdoor things for kids to enjoy. I also love Inner G Juice + Yoga. Her juices really help to energize me each morning. 

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