Meet The Urbaanite: Kandace R. Harris

Meet Kandace R. Harris, a valued member of the Nashville financial community leveraging her role at Citizens Savings Bank & Trust, the oldest continuously operating African American owned and operating bank in the United States, to help bring purpose-driven banking to those who need it most. Her passion and purpose are attempting to close the wealth gap by sharing important resources and knowledge with black and brown entrepreneurs in Nashville. We hope you enjoy meeting this Urbaanite.

Kandace R. Harris, VP of Business Development & Community Relations at Citizens Savings Bank & Trust

Hometown: Montgomery, AL

How many years have you been in Nashville?
I call myself a Pre-Boom native, as I was here for before Nashville became the IT CITY! I came to Nashville to attend Fisk University and have been here for a little over 16 years.

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?
I am creating a safe space to talk about money in our community. It’s no secret that talking about money can be taboo in the African American community. This silence, along with other contributing factors, has crippled our ability to share knowledge on best practices and, most importantly, common financial pitfalls. The average net worth of the black American is $17,000 compared to $170,000 of white Americans. As a banker, I am creating space to leverage resources back to underserved communities, in an effort to close that wealth gap.

What inspires you?   
For the first time in my career, my personal passion is aligned with my career’s mission & goals-helping our black and brown community to achieve their wildest dreams. Purpose-Driven Banking truly takes on a whole new meaning. To be aligned with the mission of Citizens Savings Bank & Trust, who has been a pillar in the 37208 community for 118 years brings me pride to be a part of such a grand and significant part of history. I am inspired by the “YES” I am able to say to an entrepreneur who has constantly heard “NO”. This is what continues to drive me to be the best banker, advisor, and resource for my community.

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour?
All of the above! The great thing about Nashville, is you don’t have to choose. There are so many delicious food nooks to explore. The new Assembly Food Hall is a perfect example of you can have it all!

Describe Nashville in 3 words?
Progressive, Melting-Pot, Engaging

Favorite Nashville musician, singer or artist?
Lyrically, album production and overall sound… there is no one better than Mike Floss in Nashville, TN. Check out his latest release Oasis.

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now?
EG+MC Tapas & Cocktail Bar is super cute, right on Jefferson Street and the food reminds me of home: Good & Southern, with some love and soul in it!

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