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Kamilah Sanders is a Nashville resident and founder of Greater Than Equal where she is a Web 3 Marketing & Leadership Strategist helping creative social impact founders maximize their impact. Her mission through Greater than Equal is to make impact easy for individuals and organizations by connecting disparate groups and amplifying the voices of marginalized populations.

Kamilah Sanders

Company: Greater than Equal

Hometown: Washington, DC

Title: Founder/CEO

How many years have you been in Nashville? 10 Years!

Tell us what you are creating in Nashville?  I’m creating community in Nashville! Throughout my life, I’ve lived in various cities: DC, Baltimore, New York, Houston and more. Coming to Nashville in 2013, I couldn’t find spots where you’d see a diverse mix of ethnicities except for places like The 5-Spot. Now being in Nashville for 10 years the city is growing and so are the creatives that bring positive energy by connecting disparate groups – for example, Clarence Ëdward, Owner and Founder of Cë Gallery. The events that I host through Greater Than Equal such as Fashioning Our World Together during Nashville Design Week, connect disparate groups with the power of art, fashion, and technology – all things that transcend cultures and break down barriers. Everything I do since starting my business in late 2019 such as being a Content Curator for Nashville Design Week; being on the Arts & Business Council Creative Exchange Planning Committee; serving as President of the Tennessee Craft Midstate Chapter Board and with new projects such as being on the Board of Hydrate the Hood and serving as an Advisor for Museum of Presence by Shabazz Larkin – I seek to connect communities, bring disparate groups of people together, and amplify the amazing things Black and Brown creatives are doing in Nashville. I do this internationally with Greater Than Equal and I bring that same passion to every project I am involved in locally.

What inspires you? Artists in general of all genres inspire me. I think it’s the rawest form of authenticity where an artist puts their thoughts and emotions into a piece of work, then shows it to the world for people to judge and/or connect with their work. It takes a level of bravery and I think it’s inspiring to know that someone is willing to take such a risk on themselves. It’s a privilege to work with creatives that take this leap and I’m honored to be able to support them along their journey.

Coffee, lunch, brunch, or happy hour? Happy Hour!

Describe Nashville in 3 words ? Gritty, Harmonic, Breeze – Gritty for the people that come here wanting to make it in the industry and people that are from here that are working to make things better. Harmonic because of the multiple genres of music that flow through the city and for the deep connections and community that exist once you find your place. Breeze because of the feeling when you are walking through parks like Centennial, Edwin Warner, and Cheekwood or the breeze you feel hanging out on a rooftop for brunch or a nighttime get-together.

Favorite Nashville musician, singer, or artist? XPayne and Shabazz Larkin

What is your favorite Nashville spot you are digging right now? Merritt Mansion Cë Gallery Spring/Summer Residency

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